“Former UR AD Jim Miller offered ear-catching analysis on Spiders’ opening”—John O’Connor

Key excerpt: “Whether it’s admissions or anything else, it’s alignment. Is everybody at that school aligned with what the objectives of your basketball program need to be, from the board, to the president, to the vice presidents … I mean, I know you can have outliers … But is the school in alignment of what you want to accomplish?

“You take a school like Marquette. Marquette doesn’t have the resources even that a Richmond has. But you know what? They are committed and aligned with the value of their men’s basketball program. … Duke wasn’t always Duke. At some point in time, it was just a small private school in North Carolina, whatever. There became an alignment, an alignment was created — from the top, down, bottom, up — an alignment of what you wanted to accomplish and, ‘We’re all on the same page.’

“So admissions is not perceived as a hurdle, as a problem. They’re perceived as a partner, working to get it done. And that’s what a school like the University of Richmond, in order to have the success (that has been discussed), they need to commit to being aligned. We don’t know what that technically means with admissions standards and all that stuff, but you’ve got to be a partner in alignment…”

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