Criticism Commentary Analysis

Is it being personally critical or simply offering valid analysis if a weakness or two in a prospect’s game is pointed out? That’s an easy call. Offering quantifiable data and/or providing an opinion in a prospect’s appraisal is not the same as tossing an insult.

Human beings naturally want to read or hear rosy accolades about themselves. Those who choose to perform in a public activity open themselves to evaluation which will not always be “warm and fuzzy.”

Sometimes, a player will disagree with an evaluator’s derogatory analysis. It’s appropriate for an evaluator to state the player ‘needs to upgrade his long distance shooting’ but not that the player ‘couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if it were two steps away.’

Other times, the player will disagree with an evaluator’s less than favorable opinion about the player’s performance. Some opinions will be subjective…

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