“CLIFTON STRONG Kraig Clifton is cancer free The 624 battle with cancer is over”—Guy Dossi

Verbal Commits: “2019 New Mexico JC (NM) G Ryan Murphy has received an offer from Pacific.”

Two more additions to the Chabot College 2018-19 roster:

    • 6-foot-7 Paulo Athans, Encinal High
    • 6-foot Scott Tran, Alameda High/Pacific

“Journey Into Self”Julius Thomas

Thomas is out of Tokay High and switched from basketball to football as a senior at Portland State. What a fascinating individual.

CCSF Men’s Basketball: “2018-19 CCSF Men’s Basketball 🏀 Roster”

Formerly of CCSF and now at Hawaii (which just finished a tour of Australia), an Eddie Stansberry update:

  • 10 points and four boards versus Brisbane
  • Nine points and five rebounds versus BA Centre of Excellence
  • 11 points versus Sydney Kings
  • 15 points against
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