The dream is to play in The League but such a destination is a Herculean task considering the competition and the minimal available NBA roster spots. So what does the future hold for college basketball players, especially but not exclusively at the DII level, once their eligibility is completed? Forget about all the razzle-dazzle on display while on a recruiting visit, that’s THE question—”Coach, where have your players landed jobs after playing ball here?”—every prospect should pose because it’s Real Life.

Besides being a highly successful program on the court, California Collegiate Athletics Association member Chico State also sports an enviable record of its hoops players graduating and moving quickly into the ranks of the employed.

Coach Greg Clink’s repertoire is absent of any magical pixie dust paving the path to this personal prosperity. It begins with selective recruiting. “We vet well and pursue guys who care about winning, who go to class and who put the program first. We don’t take knuckleheads.”

He added, “we have a basketball tradition plus Chico is a college town. 90% of the students live within a mile of campus. They have a great experience here.”

Also, “We don’t do a lot of home visits, we want to get recruits on campus as soon as possible.”

As appropriate, Clink and Company redshirt freshmen recruits which aids the transition from both high school ball and prep academics.

Clink’s enviable record for basketball success is matched by where his guys are now receiving paychecks. During his tenure, “only three players who completed their eligibility left without earning a degree and each went on to play professionally.”

Here’s a partial alphabetized list of former Wildcats with Clink’s comments on their current whereabouts:

  • Nate Appel “works at Google”
  • Justin Argenal “is the head basketball coach at De La Salle”
  • Robert Ash “is a teacher/coach at Lincoln High School”
  • Jon Baird “is a real estate agent in Chico”
  • Jordan Barton “is a game warden in Texas”
  • Mike Bethea “is in the G-League with Grand Rapids and had a great second year. He played for Reno Big Horns last year before being traded”
  • Andy Bocian “has a high level position with Safeway”
  • Amir Carraway “has played in Germany, Colombia, Chile and is now in China”
  • Jason Conrad and Robert Duncan “are playing professionally together up in Washington in the ABA”
  • Isaiah Ellis “is currently averaging a double-double in his rookie season in Australia”
  • Gio Estrada “is a technical recruiter at Coinbase”
  • Jay Flores “is assistant coach at University of Montana”
  • Tanner Giddings “just finished playing in Canada and enjoyed a good year. He also played in Denmark”
  • Zach Graves “is an actor”
  • Rod Hawkins “is a subscription quality assurance analyst with Oracle
  • Jake Lovisolo “is a product expert at July Systems”
  • Chris Magalotti “formerly worked for Google and is doing music in the Bay Area DJ’ing events”
  • Jalen McFerren “signed with Aerotek in the Bay Area before he even graduated last year! He had companies coming to his games trying to recruit him. He’s already been promoted and one of our graduating seniors, Nate Ambrosini, will be joining him at Aerotek.”
  • Spencer Moyer “is Vice President of Investments at Marcus & Millchap Real Estate Investments”
  • Sean Park “works in sales for Raken, a software company”
  • Rashad Parker “is an Alameda County Sheriff Deputy”
  • Terence Pellum “is Athletic Director at KIPP Bay Area Schools”
  • Mike Rosaroso “is an Associates Teacher at Continuing Development Incorporated”
  • Jordan Semple “is playing for CEP Loriant in France—he could be our most successful professional if he stays healthy”
  • Chris Sharp “is a teacher at Golden Hills Elementary”
  • Corey Silverstrom “was dealing with some injuries and is working out with Jordan Lawless. He had some offers and is just deciding where to start his pro career”
  • Damario Sims “is a Deputy Sheriff in Santa Clara County”
  • James Staniland “is a salesman for Bay Alarm Company”
  • Marvin (Franklin High) Timothy “just graduated with Healthcare Administration major and it weighing several options”

Accomplishment on the collegiate court. Achievement professionally on and after the court. As it should be.

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