February 8, 2013

White is Mr. Versatile

Kevin McCarthy

Inderkum High junior Terrence White, who also plays basketball for Team SAGE in the spring and summer is, in a word, productive. With 4.5 speed in the forty as both a running back and defensive back, White was recently named to the Tri-County Athletic League First Team and his team's Offensive Player of the Year for his production this past football season.

But of late, it has been all roundball and his scoring prowess plus clutch play is standing out for the 16-8 overall, 6-1 in league play Tigers. For example:

photo of Terrence White

In his 41-point outburst, it came about because “nobody was doing anything so coach 'said take over.'“

A starter and all-league selection since his freshman season in basketball, White led his teammates with a 14.8 points per game scoring average last season and is doing it again this one with 21 points an outing.

Asked if anything is different in his game this go-around, he offered, “I'm taking better shots and letting the game come to me.”

He is also Mr. Versatility in that he will sometimes be placed in the high post from where he will receive a pass and attack with the ball for a shot or a dish to an open teammate. He enjoys the responsibility -- “I like being the guy they go to.”

White also sports a more than acceptable 3.2 grade point average

As mentioned earlier, he participates in the off season with Team SAGE which is headed by Wornel Simpson. With spring and summer exposure between the junior and senior seasons a critical factor in the number and quality of offers extended, his performances will be closely scrutinized.

Here's Simpson on his backcourter: “Terrence rarely takes off on plays. He is fully engaged, physical, has a nose for the ball and is an outstanding driver. His defensive prowess is more evident on Team Sage because we don't need him to score as much as is needed on his high school team. However, when required, he has the ability to score in bunches.”

“He is definitely among NorCal's Top 40 Class of 2014. His athleticism is unmatched and the only guards I've seen with equal athleticism were a couple of older guards from the Houston Lynx in last year's Fab 48.”

“Aside from his basketball and football skills, Terrence makes smart decisions, picks his friends wisely and has a great family background with parental support. I anticipate multiple offers in both sports for Terrence and whichever university that gets him will have a gem.”

At the next level, White envisions himself either as a slot receiver in football or a point in basketball. Basketball is his first sports love but what he perceives as the best offer in either sport will be the deciding factor.