April 29, 2015

Polosky living large

Kevin McCarthy

Talk about tasting the good life. First, 6-foot-10 Gregg Polosky's San Ramon Valley High team wins a state championship and now he's heading to a school, one offering his unique major, on a basketball scholarship.

photo of Gregg Polosky

Polosky has signed with Cal State University Monterey Bay and Coach Rob Bishop. The Otters are a team definitely in need of some height as currently a single player standing 6-foot-8 resides on the roster and the next tallest is 6-foot-6. The 19th-ranked talent in the NorCal Preps Top 40 2015 rankings, Polosky's signing will go a long ways towards alleviating the size deficit.

So why the choice of a fairly recent founded school? The answers are multiple. “It had my major which is music production recording technology and my grandparents live in Carmel. I loved the guys and the coaching staff and I might also have the opportunity to play baseball. Coach Bishop has talked to the baseball coach about this.” Polosky has been a pitcher since the sixth grade and turned down a couple of baseball scholarship offers in the summer before his senior year.

About that major, “I make music on my own, electronic and hip-hop beats. I'm really into music and I've been in choir since fourth grade.”

Otter basketball fans can expect Polosky to bring “strength inside, a definite inside presence. I can change the momentum of games with a block or a dunk. I'm also good at running the floor.”

Regarding those he sees as major influences in his life, he credited, “a lot of people have really inspired me and not necessarily athletes. There's my Mom, first of all, for doing everything in her power to make sure I had the best life possible and my Grandfather, who is the smartest guy I know.” Also, Polosky holds Nolan Ryan in high regard—“he's my favorite pitcher”—thereby demonstrating a historical depth to his baseball knowledge.

2014-15 was a magical basketball season for the Wolves who defeated Chino Hills High in double overtime 79-71 to win the Division I state championship. San Ramon Valley bested a series of strong challengers—De La Salle, Pleasant Grove, Berkeley and Woodcreek before that final matchup.

According to Polosky, “nobody expected us to win a state championship, the odds were always against us and we knew it. People didn't expect much from us but we had talent, we were deep and had chemistry. We would go to battle for one another.” As the seconds ticked off, “the crowd was smiling and cheering and I was looking over at the bench.” At the buzzer, “I ran to the middle of the court ecstatic.”

In baseball, San Ramon Valley stands 13-3 overall, 4-2 in league play. Maybe a long run for Polosky and the Wolves will also be in order with that sport.