May 20, 2015

Hewitt coming into his own

Kevin McCarthy

If you stand 6-foot-10, most everyone you encounter in daily life assumes you play basketball and must be really good, regardless of the reality. If you measure out at 82 inches and also display intriguing athleticism and skills on the court, the actuality is most college coaches are inclined to think they better start getting to know you and that's exactly what is happening with Peter Hewitt of Lakeshow and St. Francis High.

photo of Peter Hewitt

Recently, four colleges have slotted themselves as suitors with UC Davis, Southern Utah, Montana, San Jose and University of Pacific offering the 2016 big. He spends time each day texting and/or talking to coaches. “Its all about building relationships and understanding how you can contribute to the team as a player,” Hewitt said. Many more will undoubtedly soon be joining the pursuit as a number of West Coast Conference, Mountain West, Big West, Big Sky, Pac12, Ivy League and Patriot League schools members and the like have expressed interest.

Because as Doug Benton wrote after Hewitt showed well in the Nor Cal Spring Showcase, “The 3-star post could be poised for a big summer jump if he can continue the play showed on Saturday. He has the size, has increased his activity level and runs the floor well...”

Hewitt is looking at elements such as “school academics, a solid basketball team—not a bunch of individuals and good fan support.”

He is undecided on a major, having interest in “some form of business sales and also sport management.”

Asked his foremost skill, Hewitt offered, “my athleticism. I'm a 6-foot-10 guy running the floor which is a huge part of the game. When we do lines, I finish first in front of the point guards.” That particular talent opens up a myriad of offensive possibilities. His defense is big: “I want the teams we play to know that their offense should be outside the paint or three point line, not inside. That forces lower percentage shots and enables us to get the defensive rebound.”

Looking at his trajectory, Hewitt explained, “From my freshman year to now, a lot has changed. I have more aggressiveness than before because I hit the weight room and got better.” There is also less and less overthinking to his game.

His goal this spring and summer is “get every rebound in every game. My ideal game would be 12 points, 12 rebounds, 3-4 assists and two blocks. ” He has also received positive feedback for his ability to alter shots.

Affiliated with the Lakeshow Program and on the 17u Elite team travel team, “I really like the Lakeshow program, it's fun to play in and one of the best clubs in the Bay Area. There's good great coaching and they play good team basketball.”

His focus this summer is to excel at the AAU certified tournaments: two ASICS tournaments in Anaheim in July and then the Fab 48 in Vegas. “That's pretty much your final showing to college coaches for the class of 2016.” Hewitt has the necessary body stats, height, jumping and athleticism. “I have all the tools and support, its a matter of focused hard work to get where I want to go.”

Hewitt's father is 6-foot-5 and his mother 5-foot-10 but he's unsure how his much larger 6-foot-10 stature came to be although he has an idea: “I loved drinking milk as a kid.” Might there be a Muscle Milk branding opportunity in his future?