June 14, 2012

Farris takes no days off

Kevin McCarthy

Every so often word and deed of someone beyond the Redwood Curtain penetrates into lower California and the latest is Lakeshow and McKinleyville High 2013 basketball prospect Parker Farris.

The 6-foot-4 Farris is a facilitator, a self described do-what-is-needed point possessing excellent court vision and close to NBA three-point shooting range. He also plays baseball (naturally a pitcher) and participated in football (yep, as a quarterback) but the latter participation ended some years back.

photo of Parker Farris

When the Lakeshow White 17s won the Bay Area Memorial Day Classic late last month, recruiters took special notice as Farris produced from long distance, finished forays to the hoop both right and lefthanded, distributed the ball and boarded well for his size.

Here's Lakeshow founder Joe Fuca on Farris: "Parker is a gym rat and a hard working player who loves to play hoops. He is a student of the game, someone who can play all positions on the court if needed. He can shoot the long ball with a pure stroke and is one of the best shooters in his class. Humboldt State loves him and most of the California Collegiate Athletic Association schools like his game. Above all, he is a winner. In the championship game late in the fourth quarter against the Outlaws when they were making a run, Parker stepped up and hit some big shots to keep the lead and win the crown."

Farris credits McKinleyville Co-Coach Nick Koury as being a strong influence in his improvement the last couple of seasons -- "he's really helped me work on my game."

It's a mutual admiration society as Koury, a former Castro Valley High basketball player who graduated from Humboldt State, sees major upside in Farris. "Parker is doing something every day to get better. His workload with us is gigantic -- he plays the point, is an assist machine, rebounds and scores. He already competes well with the Humboldt State guys and we're doing a lot of training this summer. He's always texting me to work out. Being with Lakeshow has opened up many doors for Parker -- Utah was the latest to show interest."

While he plays at the two and three spots for Lakeshow in what will be his college positions -- "running the lanes and running off screens" -- he is the center of the action at the point for McKinleyville. Farris' best moment on the court took place last winter. "We were in a tournament in Sacramento and lost the first game [to Buhach Colony]. We were mad and came back to beat Elk Grove 75-63 and I scored 41 points."

Academically, Farris is also performing well. "I have a 3.6 weighted overall grade point average and I had a 4.0 this year."

As for a next destination, similar to what he finds with Lakeshow, "I'm looking for a good, winning program, a place where it's one big family."

Farris has yet to take any visits but it will be his first time on display in Las Vegas come late July and numerous teams have said they will be watching him.

He noted his progress from his freshman season on the junior varsity -- "I'm more confident and smarter now and better with the basketball in my hands."

Asked how he made such improvement, Farris explained, "I'm hardworking. When I want something I do the best I can to go get it."

As for next season, Farris sees positive things happening. McKinleyville went 18-8 overall, 6-2 in Humboldt - Del Norte League play, falling 63-57 to St. Patrick/St. Vincent in the final game of the season. "We should be really good and hope to make a deep run in the sectionals," Farris said.

By early August, look for Farris to be one of the 'blow up' candidates of the 2013 class.