June 17, 2011

Looking at the Bay Area Warriors

Kevin McCarthy

Randy Bessolo has headed the Bay Area Warriors for a number of years and the 2011 version of his basketball club retains similarities to his past squads: not much height but loaded with versatility and scrappiness.

It’s a distinct style -- the same as he uses at University High in San Francisco -- one that appeals to players and fans alike.

photo of Serra’ Jaqui Biggins
Serra’s Jaqui Biggins

Here’s Bessolo describing his method: "I recognize we are undersized so we use depth and versatility to both spread the floor and get game going up and down. We play four out [of the paint] and keep the tempo up as fast as possible. We also press the whole game. All this gives us the best chance."

As he puts it, the Warriors are "a hardworking group with no big name prospects -- we have a lot of young, up-and-coming players trying to make a name for themselves."

Here’s the Warriors roll call, with the commentary supplied by Bessolo: