June 19, 2015

Bassett collecting offers

Kevin McCarthy

Talk with Dontay Bassett for any length of time and you'll come away thinking this is one mature and intelligent young man. College recruiters will likely second that sentiment but keep to themselves what the 6-foot-9 2016 prospect does on the court that impresses them. Let's rectify that situation with Bassett's own words and those of his high school coach.

photo of Dontay Bassett

Out of the East Bay, Bassett's first season of prep basketball was at San Lorenzo High as a sophomore. Then he transferred to Oldsmar Christian School near Tampa, Florida while his family remained local.

Although some players get lost during a geographical transition such isn't the case with Bassett. With a 26-4 finish this season for the Eagles, recruiters know exactly where he is situated during the school year and thus far Nevada, Wyoming, Murray State, Fresno State, Virginia Tech, Florida International, Loyola Marymount, Middle Tennessee State, Boise State, University of San Diego and others have extended offers.

Possessing a different mindset than many of his size, Basser explained, “I like defense more than offense. I pride myself on defense, blocking and changing shots, and getting a big rebound. I can also score.”

He's working to add dribbling and an outside game to his skills set. “In recruiting, some want me as a four, some a stretch four where I'll be also play the three.”

Since between the eighth and ninth grade when he stood 5-foot-5, 5-foot-6, it has been a steady sprouting upwards as Bassett said, “I've grown 2-3 inches every year and I think I still have an inch to go.”

Oldsmar Head Coach Jordan Fair offered this about Bassett: “Dontay is a great kid, I really enjoy him. He's athletic, defends, rebounds and scores well around the rim.”

Two moments from this season especially stand out for Basset. “We were down three when I blocked a shot, ran the court and got an and1 layup in a game we won by one. We won the division with that game and I felt like I stepped up. In another game, I scored a career high 19 points.”

Basset is also looking to move front and center with his prep teammates in the 2015-16 year. “I want to be a leader on the team, scoring and doing everything” which will be music to Fair's ears because he's losing four talented seniors.

The young man is also proud to be representing the Oakland Rebels during spring and summer. In line with the attitude of his teammates, Bassett is appreciative that Coach Raymond Young “doesn't feed our egos. He keeps it real and is always hard on us. He doesn't care who you are or what you have accomplished.” It's a given that Young's guys come away prepared for the reality of college hoops.

Not surprisingly, Bassett also sports a solid academic profile. According to Fair, “it's all As and Bs”

Undecided at this point, he is looking at business marketing or psychology as a major. With recruiting, it's wide open as Basset has no geographical preferences. So still a relative newbie to organized basketball, here is a prospect with much more potential to fulfill and with the drive to do so.