June 21, 2011

Club Preview: Lakeshow Black

Kevin McCarthy

Noah had nothing to do with basketball although he preferred twos over treys, but Lakeshow founder and Coach Joe Fuca seems to be following a certain piece of advice offered by the biblical figure. That being “go forth and multiply.” So there are two Lakeshow 17 teams this spring and summer but this article is about the Black 17s.

photo of Team Lakeshow Black

According to Fuca, "the theme for Lakeshow 2011 was to create two great teams and get them both exposure. With the closing down of many AAU teams in the Bay area, we decided to give more kids a shot at the 17s level. That meant creating two really good teams."

So how has that worked out?

Try 23 wins versus six losses during March, April and May.

Or put another way, the Black squad is leaving opponents blue.

Here’s Fuca on the various tournaments and opposition: "Lakeshow Black made the final four of two national tournaments at the Vegas Double Pump Adidas and the Bay Area Memorial, plus went undefeated in the Southern Cal Showcase by beating several ranked teams. Based on our strong past, we were put in the Super Pools for each National tournament and played against the tougher competition with no give-me games so I am proud of our performance."

Those who have fallen to Lakeshow include the San Diego Pump n Run, the Southern Cal All Stars, the Cal Supreme, the I Can All Stars, Organized Chaos (twice), Team Jones (a top team from Oregon), the Boise Elite (a top team from Idaho) and Team Superstar. "During this period, we have had several boys really explode on their recruiting and start to give their resume a nice boost," Fuca offered.

Continuing on, he said, "This summer, we plan to have the boys in front of D-I coaches for 14 days and many games during the July open period."

The Lakeshow Black team is comprised of 2012 talents and 2011 prep school players, with the following commentary supplied by Fuca: