July 1, 2011

Rebel-ing in Oakland

Kevin McCarthy

As with many club basketball teams, the Oakland Rebels are road tripping it in July, hitting Indiana, Illinois and Nevada before returning to the Golden State for a southern California tournament. Coach Ryant Diew scheduled these long distance expeditions of sorts in order to gain exposure for his players in other geographical areas of the country.

First off, it is the adidas Invitational in Indianapolis, then the King James Summer Showcase in Chicago. Later in the month, it’s the Super 64 in Las Vegas, quickly followed by the Best of Summer in Anaheim.

That is some cross-country display.

However, he is also a believer in the high school system. "The best of all worlds for players is dual participation. In high school, it’s usually ‘my system’ according to the coach, with discipline and fundamentals being learned while club team ball is more a showcase for displaying skills. Both are needed," he explained.

In this specific context, what’s fascinating is that Diew has one player -- Christopher Patterson -- who attends a high school in Oakland without athletic teams while another -- Eric Green -- goes to school on the East Coast.

Here’s the Rebel roster, with commentary by Diew: