July 11, 2011

Lakeshow White 17s Preview

Kevin McCarthy

The Lakeshow basketball club program has two top level teams this spring and summer. Earlier, NCP previewed the Black 17s but the White 17s also merit attention.

Terry Ahern is the coach and he brings extensive experience to the position, having two sons who participated in the club basketball scene and also in operating a team out of Marin County -- North Bay Basketball -- that began with fourth-graders and continued through the high school years of those players.

Ahern then hired Phil Handy to train and coach this group for their final AAU season and the team name was changed to Team 94.

It was planned for Jonas Honick to coach the White 17s this season but circumstances prevented that and, as Ahern put it, "I fell into this. Joe [Fuca, the Lakeshow founder] had a need and told me 'it's yours now.'"

As the phrase goes, Ahern has run with it, to the tune of a 20-9 record.

Here are the Lakeshow White 17s season specifics to date:

Here's Ahern again: "Our 17 White team has gone 16-5 since I started coaching the team and we re-structured the roster right after the Soldiers tournament. I believe that the main reason for our success is because the team has great chemistry and they play together better than most AAU teams. We don't have any superstars on this team but we have 10 really good players who play hard and get the job done."

Here are the players, with commentary by Ahern: