August 9, 2011

Oakland Rebels July recap

Kevin McCarthy

In July, the Oakland Rebels participated in the adidas Invitational in Indianapolis, then moved on to Chicago for the King James Summer Showcase before culminating the season by participating in the adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas. So how did it go for the Rebels?

Coach Ryant Diew says the squad had its ups-and-downs, especially in the latter tournament, but finished strong. "There wasn't one team that we were outmatched against," he explained. "Plus, we were getting 6, 7, 8 dunks a game with Maceo [Bell] , Eric [Green], Tanner [Giddings] and Chris [Patterson]."

It was in the adidas 64 that the Rebels stumbled remarkably but eventually proved their mettle.

"We had a heartbreaker loss to the Iowa Pump N Run by three, beat a tough Houston Celtics team, then lost by 30 to a team that hadn't won a game and one we should have won by 30," Diew said. "[In that game] we played selfishly, showing a side I hadn't seen before I talked to the kids after the game, telling them the team is only as good as the weakest player and that leaders make sure everyone feels like they had a role."

Diew continued, "The next day, everyone was clapping and yelling and we then won something like 5-6 straight. We were up by 16 in our last game when Rodney Cook hurt his hip and had to leave. They came back and on the last play, their point penetrated and passed to their big who made a shot. Tanner blocked it but didn't get enough of it."

As for how top players performed, Diew offered "I'll be very curious once the contact period starts to see how recruiting goes for my backcourt and other guys."

Speaking of such, here's Diew on his college prospects:

6-foot-5 Maceo Bell was headed to Westwind Prep in Phoenix before the coach there moved to another school in San Diego. Now his destination is to be determined.