August 11, 2016

Patton powers down opponents

Kevin McCarthy

After playing center on her Arkansas high school team last season, 5-foot-6 Allie Patton has returned to the Monterey Peninsula and also to her rightful position. A 2017 prospect, Patton will be attending Pacific Grove High come September and preceded that with making a strong impression this summer as a guard with the West Valley Basketball Club (WVBC).

photo of Allie Patton

Named a WVBC co-captain, Patton earned a leadership role "because she holds herself and her teammates accountable," according to Coach Bob Bramlett. "I've always tried to position myself as a leader," Patton said. "Teammates can come talk to me because of my easygoing personality and I understand some need a little push, not necessarily a slam."

Bramlett also offered, "She is an energy creator, athletic, explosive, tough as nails and always takes the toughest opponent defensively. She still averaged 14 points a game for us."

"Defense wins game because it stops other teams from scoring," Patton offered. "I like to shut down opponents and playing tough defense messes with their heads. Offense is not my strongest suit so I emphasize my defense. I like to go head first and dive into the action and also work to be the one most in shape and it shows on the court."

The positioning of her in the middle provided some dividends "although I'm playing catchup as a guard. When I was younger, I was the tallest and strongest on the court and played well in the post." But further height didn't materialize and even later on she did battle inside and still won a fair share of matchups. "But [college] coaches aren't looking for 5-foot-8 posts. Still, they can see past that and watch how you dribble the ball upcourt and pass."

After participating in multiple sports, basketball was chosen. "I like the level of intensity. You can't get intense in softball or track. I'm passionate and take everything in me and throw it out there. I like the working as one and I feel content afterwards. If I could play football, I would."

Asked about her best basketball moment, Patton relayed this element. "In sixth grade, I was playing AAU for the very first time, the team had an opportunity to go the the nationals in Florida. We made it! It was unexpected because we weren't supposed to go that far but we made it to the quarter finals. One of my teammates, I still remember her name, went in for a layup and bounced the ball off the backboard. I was trailing her and jumped, got the rebound and shot it in. I thought I was Michael Jordan. But we ended up losing that game and at the end I dropped at half court and began crying. My heart was broken."

Patton's primary interest as a college major is in neuroscience but understands that such a major may be difficult to find. She has biology as a second choice and is on target academically.

She will be positioned at the point for Pacific Grove.