August 26, 2011

The NorCal Finest Super 100

Kevin McCarthy

This is something long needed, a serious marrying of basketball skills development with strength and conditioning training featuring professionals at the top of their respective fields. Best of all, it's free to the participants; yes, free of charge.

1% CLUB Basketball and Scholar Athletes, Inc. present the NorCal Finest Super 100.

 What is the NorCal Finest? 

The NorCal Finest Super 100 is a continuation of the invitation-only event for the top 100 basketball players in the Northern California region founded by Scholar Athletes, Inc. The recent incarnation is the brainchild of 1% CLUB Basketball's Jeremy Russotti.

Russotti explained, "I am excited to be a part of this wonderful event. I've had this vision for years. However, the only way I wanted the event to occur if it was 100% free to the players. Basketball training and product development has been a huge vehicle for me to meet new people, to travel to speaking engagements, to help players across the country and also work with professional clients. It is time to give back to NorCal and unite the talent we have and continually strive to get better."

Partnering with Del Monte Foods and Scholar Athletes Inc., 1% CLUB Basketball is excited to make NorCal Finest Super 100 the premier event in the region - providing a resource for top players to further their commitment and achievement in the basketball arena.

1% CLUB Basketball and Scholar Athletes, Inc. are working hard to show these players what it takes not only to reach and be successful in college, but also how to set goals and plans for their future professional careers.

Russotti explained, "NorCal has had an influx of talent recently that has gained national attention. With proper training and programs, I feel NorCal can be a hot bed in producing consistent NBA talent. We are hoping the NorCal Finest Super 100 event can be the facilitator for future programs, communication, and NorCal coming together for one purpose."

The NorCal Finest will no doubt bring greater awareness to the region's abundant student-athlete pool. Also, the event will include nationally recognized body enhancement specialist Alan Stein (Nike), as well as local coaches, putting on clinics for the players and local coaches in attendance.

"Alan Stein is considered the top at what he does. If NorCal players want to reach an elite level, it is important to surround them with as many top professional minds as possible, and hopefully fire up their intrinsic motivation," Russotti said.

Location: El Cerrito High School, 540 Ashbury Ave. El Cerrito, CA 94530
Date: September 17, 2011 (one-day)
Time: 10am-5pm (players @ 9:30 a.m.)
Cost: Free (for invited players and fans)

NOTE: This is an invitation only event. Invited players list will be posted on and