August 31, 2012

Oliver is impressive

Kevin McCarthy

2014 Grant High and Spirit Got Game prospect Cameron Oliver requires college coaches to call upon their inner film projectionist. That's because the 6-foot-7 190-pound Oliver currently sports a size 16 shoe -- not that long ago it was a 14 -- so using imagination in envisioning where he will top out on the height chart and how that plays out for his basketball future is required.

photo of Cameron Oliver

Oliver owns the athletic prerequisites, possessing excellent ability to run the floor plus an impressive wingspan as well as shooting touch. Yes, he needs added weight and strength but both of those college prerequisites are attainable, unlike someone say displaying subpar mobility, quickness or body coordination.

Spirit Got Game Coach Bruce Robinson sees quite the prospect in his protege.

"Cameron works hard, he leads on the court and is an all-around player with a nice mid-range shot," Robinson said.

The 2013 squad in last Sunday's Nor Cal Clash also recognized this first hand as Oliver tied for the lead of the winning junior class team with 19 points.

But it wasn't always basketball for Oliver. -- there were other flames

"I tried other sports but found and fell in love with basketball," he explained. His father played hoops and "he gives me lessons on what I need to do."

At this point, he's looking to major in kinesiology come college but also has a strong interest in the creative arts involving movies and film clips.

Academically, "I was up-and-down as a sophomore but finished strong," understanding the seriousness surrounding grades and college entrance requirements.

Asked for his best moment on the basketball court, Oliver offered, "dunking on people because it changes the game."

As for Delta Valley League action this season, Oliver said, "it's looking pretty good," mentioning his Grant teammates De'Sean Parsons at 6-foot-5 and 6-foot-3 Jeremee Churchill, both also juniors. That's a solid threesome.