September 5, 2011

West Coast Exposure Camp

Kevin McCarthy

The West Coast Exposure Basketball Camp for girls and boys high school basketball players is coming up on September 17 and 18 in Walnut Creek. It's a different opportunity than usual because attendees will receive personal coaching, evaluations and court time with current college and prep school coaches from across the country.

To date coaches from MIT, Wesleyan, University of Chicago, Washington University (STL), Emory, Colby, Skidmore, UC Santa Cruz, Tufts, Oberlin, Bowdoin, Pomona, Pacific Lutheran, Cal Maritime and prep schools will be providing instruction.

The event will consist of:

Here are the event co-promoters Anthony Eggleton and AJ Chan: "We are excited for the opportunity to provide northern California players the opportunity to work with the evaluators who matter the most -- college coaches. Most importantly, we want to increase college admittance and change the perception in this area that college sports are all about D-1 or bust, because it's not. The statistics don't lie; only one percent of high school players will play D-1 basketball. So almost every high school player should be looking at non-D-1 opportunities. For all the players who are getting letters, phone calls, and think they are a D-1 players, this camp gives them an opportunity to have options and insurance if a D-1 offer never comes."

They added: "We can change the direction of our community if we as coaches, parents, and mentors truly validate where our kids go to college for education first and then basketball second -- not the other way around. Too many young, talented people are so focused on the glitz and glamour of D-1 that they are not open to non-D-1 opportunities before its too late to play ball, or worse, or even go to college. Northern California can also increase its quality of basketball by showing the next wave of players more realistic opportunities that they too can use to play college basketball if they work hard in the classroom and on the court. It's a win-win-win for everyone."

The camp will provide players and coaches the opportunity to personally get to know each other and work together towards improvement.

Through college level drills and coaching, players will see where they rank among the attendees. Most importantly, players will learn from college coaches what they need to do to enhance their game and desirability.

Additional information and registration by calling 510.520.0634 or emailing