September 6, 2016

Bailey a 2-sport prospect

Kevin McCarthy

When someone is described as having experienced a 'monster summer' the mind quickly ricochets in an attempt to determine what exactly that means. Was it due to a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Loch Ness summer camp, maybe a colossal leap in sales of a commodity being sold during June, July and August or something else taking place on a prodigious scale as among many possibilities?

It's the latter for Levelle Bailey of Burbank High and Ground Up Hoops as his travel team coach Don Manning-Fuimaono employed that two word description in relaying what the 2019 prospect achieved during his break from school.

photo of Levelle Bailey

He elaborated with "Levelle was terrific all summer. He never misses a workout and he never complains. He's a tough, smart and talented kid. We spent a lot of time in the gym this spring and summer developing his handle and working on his shooting form. It showed this summer. He has always been a great energy guy and an exceptional rebounder who could defend all five positions. But this summer, he showed the ability to handle the ball against pressure and knock down open shots against high level competition. He's developed into a physical rebounding wing who dunks on people. Levelle is also a quarterback in football so he's always been a terrific passer with great vision. With his work ethic and the way he sees the floor, I see him spending a lot of time at the one during the high school season and in years to come. He's an under-the-radar guy who is going to emerge as a big time prospect. That's already been confirmed by several D1 coaches. He's a great kid who will be a prospect in two sports."

The 6-foot-3, 180 Bailey actually went 2-2 (to mix sport lingo) this summer. He performed well for Ground Up and also played a significant part in Burbank High going 37-1 over the summer which consisted of games in the Florin Summer League as well as matchups held at Sacramento State, Pacific and Chico State.

But Bailey is rather modest in describing his basketball activity. "I'm best at rebounding and controlling the tempo" while primarily being positioned at the two and three spots.

Continuing in that vein, he responded with "playing on varsity as a freshman -- I didn't think I could do that" when asked about his hoops highlight moments to date.

He credited "my older sisters because they showed me how to play, my Dad who has always been there and helps me get to and from games and practices and Coach Don, who taught me hard work is the key and that it's like a lifestyle" as his major basketball influences.

Hoops actually serves as a sanctuary of sorts for Bailey because "when I feel bad I can step on the court be in a different mood."

On the gridiron, Bailey is multi-dimensional. "I played at safety, quarterback, running back and wide receiver last season." The pigskin lure was having quite the number of relatives having played prep football. Demonstrating his maturity, Bailey offered as a personal football highlight, "my grandmother being at one of my key games made me happy because that's a person who I really care about."

Although it is still a ways off, Bailey is looking to major in business during college because "my goal is to own my own business." Despite his participation in two sports, he earned a 3.8 grade point average as a freshman.

Although way too early to delve into recruiting, Bailey is interested in playing outside of the Golden State. "I wouldn't mind getting out of California and explore." Come that time there will likely be many college coaches willing to assist him.