September 30, 2011

Carvin lands scholarship

Kevin McCarthy

Chris Carvin is yet another example of someone refusing to take no for an answer and making it happen. Minus a scholarship offer after his Laguna Creek High season concluded, Carvin went back on the summer circuit as a senior. That decision and his play during July has resulted in a scholarship to be coming from a Big West Conference school.

photo of Chris Carvin

Carvin will become a Cal State Fullerton Titan, playing for Coach Bob Burton come the 2012-13 season as he will sign a letter-of-intent in November. That means joining northern California backcourt talents Kwame Vaughn, formerly of USF, D.J. Seeley, the ex-Cal guard and Las Positas transfer Jordan Knox who will all be seniors when Carvin arrives. Also, former El Cerrito High guard Alex Harris has transferred in from Northeastern and will be a redshirt sophomore.

Additionally, Carvin will eventually find himself battling friends such as UC Davis' Ryan Sypkens, John Green and T.J. Taylor of UC Santa Barbara, plus Irvine's Will Davis.

So why Fullerton?

"I really liked the coaching staff," Carvin explained. "Coach Burton is hands down the easiest coach to talk with. Coach [Julius Hicks] and I talk a lot and Coach [Andy] Newman came to visit me and my mom."

The plan is for Carvin to pass 24 units at American River College this academic year, getting a lot of general education requirements out of the way, and then move on to Titanland.

It was Carvin's play during summer that cemented the deal. "I caught the attention of the Fullerton coaches when I was playing in Los Angeles and then Las Vegas."

Carvin offered thanks to his mother, Team 94 Coach Phil Handy, Play Hard Play Smart Coach Brian Hamilton and also his uncle Rob Sutton for their efforts in making this happen.

A bonus for Carvin is that Hawaii joins the Big West Conference in a year so a January or February excursion to Honolulu will be on tap each season.