October 17, 2011

Freeland gaining interest

Kevin McCarthy

It's looking like it might happen again. That being a Bay Area talent, back east in a post-graduation year, being discovered and desired by college coaches in that area. This time it's a big -- former Montgomery High frontcourter Ben Freeland, all 6-foot-10 of him.

photo of Ben Freeland

Freeland is attending Suffield Academy (Connecticut). Why that specific choice?

"I had three [prep] schools I was going to look at," Freeland explained. "But it was going to be difficult to see all three. Suffield was the first, I liked it and decided to go there. I had a lot of NAIA and D-2 offers coming out of high school and some interest from the Ivy League but decided another year would help me."

His off-the-court experience to date: "the people have been very, very welcoming."

Even though basketball season has not officially started, various scrimmages and events have already taken place in and around New England. That has resulted in an offer to Freeland from Lafayette where he will be visiting this weekend, an upcoming unofficial trip to Holy Cross and an unofficial sojourn planned for November to Maine. Plus, both Dartmouth and Brown are also showing interest.

Early media reports out of New England have detailed Freeland's demonstration of a very solid jumphook plus three-point shooting range.

One aspect Freeland noted is "it's more aggressive inside the paint here on the East Coast while the West Coast seems more guard oriented."

He has also noticed differences in the academics.

"I have five classes, two of them AP courses. I'm in a bio medical class and I'm also taking a Literature Writing course, Multi Media, AP Statistics and AP Government." For next semester, Freeland is looking towards Forensics, Greek Mythology plus others.

He added, "There are only 9-10 students in each class and the teachers actually invite you to come over to their houses if you need help."

It's already appearing Freeland made a very wise decision and that various college coaches are following suit in wooing him. Will a West Coast school get in the mix before it's too late?

Stay tuned.