October 28, 2015

Booker makes the call

Kevin McCarthy

6-foot-10 Anthony Booker is still growing, his game keeps getting stronger and his academics remain rock steady so it's no wonder Cal State Monterey Bay was interested in partnering with him. The 2016 had his own reasons to make it a joint venture so he decided to wear the uniform of the Otters as a fully scholarshipped collegian.

photo of Anthony Booker

With Cal State Monterey Bay Assistant Coach Tyler Brown inviting Booker to come take a visit and talk to the head coach, Booker tripped recently and enjoyed an all-around welcoming greeting and comfortable level. “The chemistry between the coaches and players is outstanding, very caring,” he explained. He was shown around the school, saw the dorms and got to meet and ball with some of his now-to-be teammates. “My grandparents live in Monterey” was yet another positive aspect working in the favor of Otter Head Coach Bob Bishop.

In one of the most remarkable of coincidences, Booker's father was stationed at Fort Ord during his time in the military. The base closed in 1994 and was soon developed into the Cal State Monterey Bay campus. Plus, the beauty of the area and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean didn't hurt in the decision-making process.

For those who view the recruiting process as simply one of basking in the limelight of being pursued, Booker said, “It's a huge weight off my shoulders. Now I don't have to worry about how I play or if I get hurt.”

He'll be joining 6-foot-10 freshman Gregg Polosky and 6-foot-8 Isaiah Smith, a sophomore who is redshirting this season, on Bishop's frontline.

“I want first to thank my parents because they put me in a great situation. They worked hard for me. Plus Coach Andre [Green of the BFS Blackout organization, an AAU program]; I didn't know anything about the game when I started—he took me from nothing. I also want to thank [Weston Ranch] Coach [Chris] Teeven for accepting me and welcoming me into his program as a senior as well as the CSUMB coaches for giving me this great opportunity to receive a great education and do what I love.”

Booker will be a chemistry major, long having an interest in pharmaceutical science.

As for his senior season, Booker has transferred from Chavez High to Weston Ranch for his senior season. The Cougars look loaded with, besides Booker, two Cal State Stanislaus commits in guards Jaelen Ragsdale and Fred Lavender plus 6-foot-3 Foothill High transfer D'Angelo Finley. “We could actually compete for the state title,” Booker offered.