December 12, 2014

Asah heading to Hayward

Kevin McCarthy

Among the number of northern California basketball prospects who signed on with the colleges of their choice back in November is one that was little noted but just may be long remembered. That being Tracy High's Druce Asah to Cal State University East Bay (CSUEB).

photo of Druce Asah

The 6-foot-3 guard is one of those prospects with a very solid projection based on a combination of excellent athleticism and strong work ethic.

Here's Tracy Coach Junior Cueva: “Druce is a great kid who can put the ball in the hole. As a sophomore on varsity, he scored six points a game. This past season it was 18. He spent the summer between his sophomore and junior years in the gym working his butt off and Druse will get better in the next two or three years. He has great elevation on his jumper.”

Cueva added, “I'm big on having guys watch film and that's helped in Druce knowing where to get his shots on the floor and how to play on the defensive end, like understanding what to do on the pick-and-roll.”

A degree of Asah's anonymity is due to his playing spring and summer with the BFS Blackout Elite which isn't noted as one of the most publicized AAU teams. But Asah earned First Team All Tri-City Athletic League after last season at Tracy and tallied 28 points built on a foundation of eight treys versus Oakdale last January.

So why the choice of the Pioneers? “They showed me so much love and we're really into me,” Asah explained. “I could see achieving my goals in life with them if I am willing to work hard. They will help me grow as a person.”

Ask for his best attributes, he offered, “Trying to find a way to score and not backing down to any type of challenge. I continue to go at it.”

He envisions playing in the backcourt for Coach Gus Argenal either as a combo guard or point. “I'm working to get better with my handle.”

Asah cites Cueva as his biggest basketball influence, noting specifically that “he saw it [the opportunity for a college scholarship] coming before I did.” Conveying that future possibility made Asah work even harder.

At CSUEB, he is looking to major in business. The relationship there? “My stepdad is a businessman and entrepreneur.”

Do remember to check out who and what Asah is on the court come say 2017. If his past is prologue, the Pioneers just got a good one.