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These are the current online pieces. There has been much other PRINT work over the years--work that was never put on the Internet. Also a fair bit of stuff that (like my considerable output for Mike Raven’s ( has bitten the dust. That is to say that it alas seems to have disappeared from the Internet, swallowed up by a cyberspace Black Hole!

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Artist CD
AlvaThe Bells Of Paradise
And Did Those FeetForgetting The Shadows of History
And Did Those FeetHymn For A Glad Tomorrow
Harvey AndrewsGold Star To The Ozarks
Dave ArthurReturn Journey
Emily & Hazel AskewSix By Two
Back of the MoonFortune’s Road
Roy BaileyUnder the Radar
Dave BainbridgeVeil of Gossamer
Dave Bainbridge & Troy DonockleyFrom Silence
Long John BaldryRemembering Leadbelly
Battlefield BandOut for the Night
Martyn BennettGlen Lyon
Bob & Gill BerryBitterSweet
Jules BitterDruid Dance
John BlanksBetter Late Than Naked
Blue MurderNo One Stands Alone
Dempsey BroughtonFreehand
Tom & Barbara BrownTide of Change
Detlef BunkTwo Stones
Toni BunnellNothing More To Be Said
Robbie ByrneThe Pebbled Shore
Fil Campbellbeneath the calm
Kim CarnesChasin’ Wild Horses
Jim CausleyFruits of the Earth
Donal ClancyClose to Home
Tom ClellandLife Goes On
Jim CondieDistant Cousins
John ConollyRanter’s Wharf
John Conolly & Bill MeekThe Northern Trawl
Coope, Boyes & Simpsontwenty-four seven
Ray CooperTales of Love War and Death by Hanging
Bob CopperBob Copper Obituary
CosmothekaYou Only Had To Ask!
Davy CowanFragile People
Catherine Craig & Brian WilloughbyI Will
Nonie Crete (earlier)Danny Boy & Ballads
Nonie Crete (later)Girl In A Crazy World
Curtis and LorettaJust My Heart For You
Curtis and LorettaSit Down Beside Me
Kevin CrawfordIn Good Company

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D to H

Artist CD
Bob DavenportThe Common Stone
Lisa Deaton & Steve HicksThis Time Around
Decameron (1st album + extras)Say Hello To The Band
Decameron (albums 2-4)Parabola Road:The Decameron Anthology
De Fries & D.BeckBalance
Tim DennehyOld boots and flying sandals
DhaliaCeltic Dreams and Dances
Johnny Dickinson Hilo Town
Johnny Dickinson Hilo Town another look
Paul Dickinson & Angela KingHands
Ani DiFrancoLive at Babeville
Joe DolceThe Wind Cries Mary
Jim this society
Martin DonnellyEarthbound
Seán DonnellyOn Breezes Fresh and Fair
Barry DransfieldUnruly
The DublinersToo Late To Stop Now! The Very Best of The Dubliners
Dom DuffStraed an amman
Jan EkedahlDubbelgangarn
Issy and David EmeneyLegends & Lovers, The Waiting
Frank Emerson #1Safe in the Harbour
Frank Emerson #2Dear Sarah
Seannus EnnixMusic, Stories and Song
Dave & Julie EvardsonA Ramble On The Viking Way
Julie FelixThe Rainbow Collection
Duncan FergusonDream Maker
Finest KindFor Honour & For Gain
Louise FordHeroes and Angels
Bob FoxBorrowed Moments
Fine FridayGone Dancing
Eamon FrielHere is the River
Ian GallagherMy Ireland
Vin GarbuttWord Of Mouth
Lyn GeddesEarly Lately
Dave GibbSpeed of the Plough
Eliza GilkysonLand Of Milk And Honey
GlendaloughAlong The Shore
Steve GoodmanLIVE from Austin City Limits...and more!
Martin Graebe & Shan CowanParallel Strands
Kate GreenAn Unkindness of Ravens
Stefan GrossmanThose Pleasant Days
Cynthia HartLet Me Make Music In Your Life
HeketyFurze Cat
Lynne Heraud & Pat TurnerThe Moon Shines Bright
Donal HinleyWe Built A Fire
Maggie HollandBones
Hollow LogCatch A Caber
Catherine HowePrincelet Street
Alistair Hulett & Dave SwarbrickSaturday Johnny & Jimmy The Rat
Mary Humphreys & AnahataSharp Practice
Mary Humphreys & AnahataFloating Verses
Martin HutchinsonWater From A Stone

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I to M

Artist CD
Iron & WineOur Endless Numbered Days
Gilbert IsbinRed Wine
Hilary James with Simon MayorLaughing With The Moon
Robb JohnsonThe Triumph of Hope over Experience
Chris JonesRoadhouses & Automobiles
Tudur Huws Jonesdal I drio (Still Trying)
Steve JordanThe Trees Scarce Green
K-PassaBorn Again
Kathy KallickReason & Rhyme
Ron KavanaIrish Ways
Sean KeaneValley of the Heart
Keith KendrickSongs From The Derbyshire Coast
Keith KendrickWell Seasoned
Keith Kendrick profileThe Man with a Voice as Sturdy as a Five-Bar Gate
KerfuffleNot To Scale
Angela KingHands
Pete LashleyGravel
Abbie LatheAvebury
Stevie LawrenceStanding Alone
LenoreSummer Dancing
John LesterLive at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House
Tom Lewis360º - All Points Of The Compass
Tam LinBack On The Road Again
Jez LoweThe Parish Notices, the Art Edition
MabsantY Goreuon Ar Sain
Jim MalcolmAcquaintance
Tad MarksOur Crazy Love Affair
Michael MarraPosted Sober
Simon Mayor & Hilary James (1)Lullabies With Mandolins
Simon Mayor & Hilary James (2)Children’s Favourites From Acoustics
The McCalmansThe Greentrax Years
Geordie McIntyre & Alison McMorlandWhere Ravens Reel
Susan McKeownBlackthorn: Irish Love Songs
Heather McLeodBones
Rory McLeodSongs for Big Little People
Barry McLoughlinPieces
Gillie McPhersonCommon Ground
Sarah McQuaidWhen Two Lovers Meet
Kieron MeansFar As My Eyes Can See
Slainte MhathSlainte Mhath
Milagro AcusticoRubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam
MoonrakersBoth Sides
Christy MooreListen
Lynn MorrisonCave Of Gold
John MunroPlying My Trade

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N to S

Artist CD
New Scorpion BandThe Downfall of Pears
Old Swan BandSwan-upmanship
John Padovanoinnocent waters
Victoria ParksWild English Rose
Patterson Jordan DipperFlat Earth
Tom PaxtonComedians & Angels
Tom PaxtonLooking for the Moon
Tom Paxton & Anne HillsUnder American Skies
Paxton/Hill/GibsonBest of Friends
Peatbog FaeriesUnder American Skies
William Pint & Felicia DaleWhite Horses
PipedreamsKick Out The Ghosts
Keith PotgerSecrets of the Heart
Maddy PriorArthur The King
Alan Prossermakerfield
ProvidenceA Fig For A Kiss
Quietly Spinning ManInside Out
RachelBoth Sides
Rattle on the StovepipeEight More Miles
Paul ReddickVillanelle
Jean RedpathWill Ye No Come Back Again
John Renbourn and Jacqui McSheeJohn Renbourn & Jacqui McShee In Concert
Llio RhydderchEnlli
Rise (1st album)Uncertain Wonders
Rise (2nd album)Posing As Human
Amàlia Rodrigues (Tribute)A Tribute to Amalia Rodrigues - The Queen of Fado
Tom RoznowskiVoice Beyond The Hill
Daithi RuaBetter The Devil You Know
Justin RutledgeNo Never Alone
Mick Ryan & Paul DownsAway In The West
Mick Ryan & Pete HarrisSomething To Show
Mick Ryan & Pete HarrisThe Island of Apples
Serena RyderUnlikely Emergency
Ben Sands Better Already
Ben Sands Roots and Branches
Ben Sands Take Your Time
Dave Sealy With A Little Bit O’ Luck
Beck SiànUnfurling
Serious KitchenTig
Mike Silverhow many rivers
Mike SilverSolid Silver
SkaraThrough Celtic Eyes
Emily Smith and Jamie McClennanAdoon Winding Nith
Andy SmytheLove Unspoken
Snakes in ExileMerrily Polluted
Michael SnowNever Say No To A Jar
Paul StephensonLight green ball
Swarb’s LazarusLive and Kicking
Miranda SykesDon’t Look Down

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T to Z

Artist CD
Jeff TalmadgeGravity, Grace And The Moon
TarneybackleDistant Dreams
Taxi ChainSmarten Up!
Ron Taylor & Jeff GilletBoth Shine As One
Simon Thoumirethe big day in
The Three City FourSmoke & Dust
Three Sheets to the WindAll ‘Tide’ Up
James ThurgoodHandy Little Rig
Steve TilstonOf Many Hands
Gary Tipping #1Gary Tipping
Gary Tipping #2Gary Tipping
Two Tall WomenOut of the Woods
Ian TysonLive at Longview
Various ArtistsNot In Our Name
Various ArtistsAnthems In Eden
Various ArtistsLes Barker
Various ArtistsBefore Their Time (Vols. 1&2)
Various ArtistsBefore Their Time (Vol. 3)
Various ArtistsCanu'r pridd
Various ArtistsFlash Company
Various ArtistsFree Reed - This Label Is Not Removable
Various ArtistsGrimsby Folk
Various ArtistsLive At The Talbot!
Various ArtistsMammyk Ker
Various ArtistsMilagro Acustico
Various ArtistsNever The Same
Various ArtistsNowt So Funny As Folk
Various ArtistsLeon Rosselson
Various ArtistsShining Bright
Various ArtistsTransatlantic Boxed Set
Various ArtistsYellowbellies
Eddie WalkerYou Better Sell It!
Andy WallWall to Wall
Andrew WhitePray For Rain
Andy WhiteBoy 40
Peter VeritySometimes A Journey
Peter VerityHigh Flyer
Bobby WattWatt Next?
Mick WestA Poor Man’s Labour
Wendy WeatherbyTwo Loves
Chris While & Julie MatthewsHitting the Ground Running
Dai Woosnam Lincolnshire Folk Song Competition NEW!
Dai WoosnamFolkWorld’s best CDs 2001
Mike WrayMike Wray
Vincenzo ZitelloEt Vice Versa

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