A Review of the CD
"Never Too Early"
by Heidi, Stef & The Bow Triplets

"Never Too Early"
by Heidi, Stef & The Bow Triplets

Copyright 2000

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 10/00
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Quantity or quality? How about both? Such is the apt description of this release from Heidi and Stef Sigfalk and The Bow Triplets, a Switzerland-based band that offers some of the most enjoyable celtic music around nowadays. Providing an almost even mix of songs and instrumentals that total seventeen, this group specializes in precise, oft times delicate playing, sometimes reminiscent of the elegant sound of a Scottish fiddle orchestra. But fear not, as they also complete the spectrum, interspersing energetic, high stepping cuts that provide a change of pace.

This is a polished group that displays conspicuous smoothness from the first note to last. They open tunes with a multitude of lead instruments--wood winds, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, concertina, bring in accompanying pieces, change leads--all with nary a sour note or missed beat. The myriad of selections runs the gamut from hornpipes, polkas and waltzes to airs, jigs and reels.

The songs are generally low-key, with simple, straightforward lyrics, clustered around the subjects of emigration, unrequited love, companionship and the joy found in the sometimes overlooked things in life. The most moving is the last one "If You're Home Before Me," a nicely placed cut that appropriately closes out the release. The opening verse is sung by Stef, Heidi solos on the second and they join voices on the third verse and the choruses. Heidi solos on a couple of other cuts and displays an easy-to-listen-to soprano that pulls in the listener.

My, the Wild Geese have taken up residence in Switzerland and we are thankful for it.

The band consists of Stef Sigfalk on vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, concertina and bodhran; Heidi Sigfalk on vocals, violin, guitar and spoons; Joe Eisenberger on vocals and acoustic bass; and Markus Meier on wood winds.

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