A Review of the Kevin Crawford CD
"In Good Company"

"In Good Company"
by Kevin Crawford

Green Linnet Records GLCD 1211

This review is written by Dai Woosnam, daigress@hotmail.com, 6/05

I have only one quibble here: so let me get it off my chest at the outset. It is the title.

Good Company? Eh? "SUBLIME" would be nearer the mark. Here, flautist Crawford is joined by the cream of the Irish Tradition: amongst them, such luminaries as Frankie Gavin, Martin Hayes, Artie McGlynn and Tommy Peoples.

The majority of the 17 tracks are traditional Irish tunes given the flute, fiddle, and guitar treatment. The track that I played again and again was track 10: three reels played with real brio and featuring some assured piano from Carl Hession.

Crawford has in some twelve short years since he "emigrated" from his native Birmingham to the "land of his fathers" - Co. Clare where both parents hailed from - built a huge reputation as a member of Moving Cloud, and of course, as the frontman for the much acclaimed Irish band Lunasa.

And this album confirms the fact that this is the "genuine article" and not the latest "flavour of the month" foisted on us by the Publicity Machine. And in keeping with the fact he KNOWS he is the Real McCoy, the album is blessedly free of electronic gimmicks: it is pared-down stuff, not unlike what one would have heard in the West of Ireland with the now-gone giants of yesteryear (before it all became Big Business).

There is a slight aberration in the use on some tracks of a chamber orchestra, but that does not intrude too much. Indeed, STRIKE the word "aberration": in some ways it is an inspired move, because without it, the album would, to a non-flautist listener, have had too much of a "samey" quality.

It is perfection, but even "perfection" can get boring after a while.

Dai Woosnam
Grimsby, England

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