A Review of the Searson CD

by Searson


This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 5/05
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This is a hybrid release from a Canadian group out of Ontario--a combination of folk/pop songs collaborating with celtic instrumentals. The 'glue' that binds each together is that just about every cut, song or tune, is danceable.

Definitely high octane, the instrumentals could double as exercise audio, running the particular gamut of fast, faster, fastest and overdrive. Twine the lead double fiddles together with drum and percussion, supported by bass, mandolin, piano and guitar and a dollop of fiddle, whistle, banjo and Uilleann pipes. The listener is 'reeled' up and away by the furious energy--just try attempting to stay still.

Many of the songs are also festive in pace. The recurring theme of the lyrical content is relationships--those with inanimate objects, others and even oneself. This subject matter seems to particularly dovetail with the age and life experience level of most of the band members.

"Another Mile" appears to be about the connection to an audience and performing music while "Don't Follow" depicts the unflattering trait of voiding oneself in a pathetic attempt to stay attached to another. "Runaway Girl" shines light on a mismatched couple but with the woman eventually coming to her senses and "Car Song" (no this is not about NPR's 'Car Talk' guys) paints a portrait of cutting one's past adrift, bidding it adieu and starting anew.

Detailing the passing of a young man with an incurable affliction, "Spin," is about living life to the fullest even while faced with the inevitable. "Tied Wings" mirrors "Don't Follow" in putting oneself under the control of another.

"Back To You," by gosh, is actually cheerful in nature. A couple is separated by circumstances but stay true to each other despite the absences.

It's easily imaginable that Searson is best enjoyed live and in person, not the least to be present for the stepdancing talent of some of Searson's members that obviously doesn't come through on a CD. But for those who don't reside in or around Ontario or near any of Searson's touring sites, this release will certainly provide ample consolation.

Searson is composed of Erin Searson on piano, mandolin, lead vocals and shoes; Mike Searson on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals; Colleen Searson on fiddle, vocals and shoes; Heather Searson on bass, bodhran and shoes and Jamie Gardner on fiddle, mandolin and shoes. On this release, they are backed by Randy Cooke on Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Regaltip sticks and Remo heads; Bobby Lalonde on banjo; Doug Gossage on flute, harmonica and whistle; Andy Daub on Uilleann pipes

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