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by Sunhoney

by Sunhoney

Copyright: Vertical Records 2002.
(Vertical Records: VRTCD005)

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This review is written by Dai Woosnam, daigress@hotmail.com, 9/02

This album is a bit of a curate’s egg. Five excellent musicians playing a mixture of the usual Folk-Rock instruments, with the pleasant (if not especially memorable) vocals of Alyth McCormack. A crossover between Celtic Traditional, Folk-Rock and New Age, with a bit of Dance and Funk thrown in for good measure.

I say “Celtic Traditional”, but the truth is that they are all contemporary pieces written by group members, doffing their hat to the STYLE of the Tradition. Good, driving – if a little “samey” - stuff. They include four self-penned songs. Alas, these are desperately disappointing affairs: having lyrics you won’t remember for ten seconds, let alone ten years! Perhaps I am being a little harsh: seeing them written down on what is an irritatingly pretentious CD cover/ liner, did not help. It made me bolshie from the start! Apparently, it was “designed” by Mitch at Edinburgh Film Studios.

Perhaps he wisely only gave them his Christian name or nickname. He would not want his surname being linked to such an abomination!

I cannot end a review on such a down note. There must be plusses here for the future. And there are.

They are a tight band that remind me on occasions of the Hawkwind band of blessed memory. If they quit recording self-penned stuff (until they have something WORTH recording!) and utilise their vocalist’s talent on good traditional or contemporary songs, then the future is bright.

Oh yes. And next time, could we have a CD liner insert that isn’t counter-productive?

Dai Woosnam
Grimsby, England

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