A Review of the Andrew Calhoun CD
"Staring At The Sun"

"Staring At The Sun"
by Andrew Calhoun

Copyright 2005
Waterbug Records
P.O. Box 83
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 9/05
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Damn Andrew Calhoun! Out he comes with another release, this one laden with his compositions as a TEENAGER, and he still demonstrates that despite the plague of acne and the irrepressible need for sexual relief, even at that point in time he could still out-write 99% of us at our age today.

There must be a blues ditty somewhere titled "Life Is Unfair."

Yes, at a tumultuous time in life where the vast majority of teens consider grunting as a viable form of communication with parents, Calhoun was crafting poetic beauty. It's too late now, but he could have become rich by composing love notes for his male peers to utilize, even offering a swooning guarantee.

This is a collection of never-before-released songs, written between 1973-1981. For those of you who enjoy the current artistry of Calhoun, such is there from the beginning on this CD. Calhoun again demonstrates the power, beauty and resonance of of the written word, as he has done for so many years now.

Granted, his language emanates density, as if he has recreated and rearranged words and meaning. The surreal and impenetrable abound. But there are also moments of the impish Calhoun, as in "A Seat In The Mezzanine," where he sings of "a doberman pinch" and "malice towards nuns."

Every so often there is a harmonic convergence and someone like a Dylan emerges to fame and fortune. But we must keep in mind that others, just as talented, remain on the fringes to be discovered and enjoyed.

Andrew Calhoun here is a living, breathing example that not all youth is wasted on the young.

This release is Calhoun singing and accompanying himself on guitar. The only thing missing from the otherwise exquisitely subtle liner notes is the lyrics.

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