A Review of the CD
"The Roots Run Deep"
by Anke Summerhill

"The Roots Run Deep"
by Anke Summerhill

Copyright 1998
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Anke Summerhill has the kind of eminently pleasing voice that makes you want to listen to her. Smooth, flexible and easy on the ears, her vocals forcefully command attention one moment and then project dramatic emotion the next. She uses this talent to good effect throughout the selections on this release, a collection of songs focusing on the spectrum of human relationships and the simple wisdom offered by the diverse elements within nature.

Elevated by the power and clarity of its writing, "Stillness of the Night" depicts the ending of a love affair. Summerhill sings:

The mandola-backed "Walnut Tree" heads in the other direction--the deepening of a coupling. Weaving elements of nature throughout the song, Summerhill sings:

She closes with:

"Stars at Noon" is a tribute to the refuge available in the solitude of nature. Summerhill sings:

The bluesey-sounding "Rainbow Blues" swings the pendulum back to heartbreak. Aided by the sorrowful-sounding fiddle backing of Kate MacLeod, Summerhill sings:

"The Thread" is the best cut on this release. The mood supremely enhanced by Michael VanDam on cello, Summerhill, at her most delicate, captures the essence of the many phases and elements of relationships. She sings:

Summerhill finishes with:

Yet another of those unsung professionals quietly doing solid work, Summerhill provides a generous helping of musical enjoyment with this release. The majority of songs are a cut above the norm, the instrumentation is subtle but enhancing and her aforementioned voice is akin to putting on a relaxing, comfortable shirt.

Summerhill on vocals and guitar is backed by Carla Eskelsen on harmony vocals and guitar; David LaMotte on harmony vocals; Matt Larson on acoustic bass; Matt Flinner on mandolin, mandola and tenor guitar; David Grier on guitar; Kate MacLeod on fiddle, congas and dumbek; Michael VanDam on cello; Christopher Carlson on fiddle; Ray Smith on alto flute; George Grant on bodhran and tabla and Barry Carter on congas, brushes and floortom.

Track List:

All songs written by Anke Summerhill.

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