A Review of the CD
"The Road That Led Me To You"
by Baillie and the Boys

"The Road That Led Me To You"
by Baillie and the Boys

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 3/00
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This release could be re-titled "Relationships Central." Every selection reflects on past, present and future human connections, couples engaged in good to average to mediocre matters of the heart. Baillie And The Boys (Kathie Baillie, Michael Bonagura and Alan LeBoeuf), a band erstwhile rooted in country music, features folk and pop elements throughout its dozen offerings, an acoustic mix that subtlely blends genres. So don't let the 'C' word scare you away.

Lead vocalist Kathy Baillie features an inviting, expressive and emotive voice--the most powerful element of the band. She can heartily match songs with just about anyone out there nowadays. The element of piano backing on various cuts augments Bonagura on acoustic guitar and LeBoeuf on bass, generating an even stronger effect.

Three songs jump out at the listener: the title cut "The Road That Led Me To You," "Feet Of Clay" and "The Lights Of Home." "The Road That Led Me To You" points out that although we may not always know where we are heading, just the act of continuing on and being open to new opportunities and experiences gives us a greater chance for happiness and satisfaction, albeit with no guarantees.

"Feet Of Clay" takes a marvelous look at those we love and who love us, pointing out it is truly miraculous that partners can see beyond the aggravations, the quirks and the differences, and still willingly and lovingly remain connected with another.

Reflecting on spousal choices, "The Lights Of Home" sweetly confirms a couple's commitment to one another. In the song the wife says, "I know this is not the life you dreamed about, before you chose to share your life with me" and, in turn, the husband says "I know you could have had your choice of men, some who could have brought the world to you." With the chance to honestly speak up, both end up stating without regret:

The cuts "Treat Me Like A Stranger," "A Far Cry From Him" and "Even Then" are also noteworthy. This is pleasing, melodic music and a band and singer worth checking out.

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