A Review of the CD
"Her Fabulous Debut"
by Carla Ulbrich

"Her Fabulous Debut"
by Carla Ulbrich

Copyright 1999
A Major Record Label - AMRLCD 001
P.O. Box 42
Clemson, S.C. 29633
http://www.carlau.com and

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 3/00
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Clever, subtle and sassy, Carla Ulbrich's initial release has her tendering keen observations on life and relationships. Displaying a sly craftiness, she offers a wink and nod but also a jab or two or three or...as her humor displays an edge that makes the listener laugh at first but then ruminate afterwards.

She opens with "Please Do Something Stupid," a plea for the "perfect" man she has just met to give her a reason to end the relationship. Presently not really wanting or seeking a relationship, she sings:

She continues:

"What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone" is a thinly-veiled, possibly worrisome supposition. Ulbrich begins with:

Finishing with a myriad of maladies that could possibly occur, she concludes:

Poking fun at a former date who believes "he was God's gift to the world you can ask him yourself," "Love Connection" details the defeat of a former beau on the game show of the same name:

Ulbrich lampoons herself, the unctuousness of some folk genre residents and the current state of country music in "Nothing To Say." She sings:

She closes with a swipe at the prevailing Nashville sound:

The melodic but sharply-worded "It Reminds Me Of You" darkens the mood a degree as she moves the microscope over the things--television, chocolate, credit cards, alcohol and relationships--that we employ to fill our time and our minds, and to keep our demons and cravings at momentary bay. Addressing all of these, Ulbrich sings:

"Not Your Jesus" lays bare the hero-worship seemingly genetically endemic to the human race. Ulbrich torches searching outside ourselves for something or someone else as a panacea for our fears:

Cheryl Wheeler, both the humorous and serious sides, may indeed soon have company if Ulbrich continues honing her craft. We await "Her Fabulous Encore."

Ulbrich on vocals and guitar is assisted by Jack Williams, who also produced this release, on lead guitar and vocals; Danny Harlow on mandolin; Cary Taylor on bass; Tony Torre on drums; and Chuck Herin on cello.

Track List:

All songs written by Carla Ulbrich, except as noted.

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