A Review of the CD
"Professional Smart Aleck"
by Carla Ulbrich

"Professional Smart Aleck"
by Carla Ulbrich

Copyright 2003
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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 4/03
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Carla Ulbrich must have been a difficult child. You know the kind. Always making wisecracks. Or "innocently" asking questions knowing the answers she is seeking venture into topics not necessarily appropriate for company, let alone family. What else could explain "The Wedgie," just one of the offerings on this release.

She opens with "I Have to Kill You Now," detailing the ominous act that needs to take place as a result of oversharing while under the influence of medication. Interestingly enough, she closes with "What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone," another nefarious tale invoking a simple question about the result of a loved one departing from this world. She also offers three separate endings to this song, stretching from Disney-esque to David Lynch-ish.

She humorously riffs on the butchery of her first and last names in "A Name is a Name (My Name is Carla)." In fact, in the liner notes is an offer to join Ulbrich's Difficult Last Name Fan Club. "Candy and Gum" moseys along to an unforseen conclusion, one aided by bubble gum. "The Teachers of Clempson" is more of a spoken piece about the instructors who have enriched her life and act.

In "Therapy Works," she sings:

"...I'm concerned I might be worrying too much
And I can't stop thinking about whether I'm obsessive
Everybody thinks I'm paranoid
Gank thod I'm not lysdexic..."
One of the best cuts is innocuously titled "The Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs (Waffle House Song)." Ulbrich simply points out how missing lights in the Waffle House or Ramada neon signs can significantly change the meaning. As in one instance:
"...And whatever may befall me may I never sink so low
As to have to give it up and become a WAFFLE HO..."
There is definitely a shtick at work here, observational humor mixed with sly cleverness.

I guess it is true that blondes have more fun.

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All songs written by Carla Ulbrich, except as noted.

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