A Review of the CD
"The Age of Possibility"
by Carrie Newcomer

"The Age of Possibility"
by Carrie Newcomer

Copyright 2000 Philo 116711 226-2
Rounder Records
One Camp Street
Cambridge, MA 02140

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 8/00
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Fire up the CD player, slip in this disc, skip to cut #6 and program 'repeat'. "Bare to the Bone," the aforementioned cut, is one of those life-stoppers. Start listening to it and you'll find time dreamily pauses. Newcomer softly opens it with:

Her chorus provides the focus: Amen.

This is an introspective and philosophical release from someone with enough years and experience behind her to insightfully observe what is clutter and should be discarded and what sustains and should be held steady. Human intimacy, genuineness and resiliency are the hallmarks of Newcomer's mantra.

She continues in this vein with the opening cut "When It's Gone It's Gone," reminding us of our responsibility, of our ownership, for our every thought and deed:

"Sparrow" is another gentle offering. Newcomer sings: Ultimately, this is an affirming release. As Newcomer finishes "One Great Cry," she offers: Not all, however, is contemplative and quiet here. Newcomer provides percussion-driven offerings with "Love Is Wide," "All I Know,""Anything with Wings," "It's Not Okay" and "One Great Cry."

This is a release that blossoms and grows on the listener with each play. Plus, the bonus is that sultry Newcomer voice.

Newcomer, on vocals and acoustic guitar, is backed by Don Dixon on basses and vibraphone; Jim Brock on drums and percussion; Keith Skooglund on electric and acoustic guitars; Richard Putnam on Hammond B3 and Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos; Beth Lodge-Rigal on backing vocals; Lauren Robert on backing vocals; Dan Lodge-Rigal on piano; Slats Klug on accordion; Robert Meitus on acoustic guitars; Andre Gaskins on cello; Jason Wilber on mandolin and electric sitar and Brant Smith on dobro.

Track List:

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