A Review of the CD
"Midnight Salvage"
by Dana Robinson

"Midnight Salvage"
by Dana Robinson

Copyright 1997
New Sound, LLC
P.O. Box 669
Waterbury, VT 05676
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Dana Robinson
Threshold Music
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Northhampton, MA 01061

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 4/99
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Compiling a set of intimate and intriguing songs, Dana Robinson engagingly draws in the listener with his soft but emotive voice, well-crafted melodies, excellent instrumentation and at times, accessible, at times, perplexing lyrics.

A fairly stark production at the surface level, Robinson has adeptly mixed in flourishes in the various cuts that augment each song and provide a greater quality of richness throughout the release. "Sadie" features backing vocals by Lui Collins. "Goodbye MaryJane" has splices of mandolin. "Redpoll" and "Lazy Jane' offer soft banjo touches. "Redpoll" and "Wishing Pool" feature light accordian while "Sweet Dream", "Heaven" and "Shady Grove" serve up some sweet violin. His vocals, mixed with Rani Arbo's violin, make this rendition of "Shady Grove" the best to date. To top everything off, Robinson's guitar play is especially adept.

"Stalk Your Calling" is one of his more opaque songs. Starting out describing a fierce battle between an eagle and a weasel, he weaves into the loss of a relationship due to fear and ignorance, and finally closes with:

On the prayerful "Heaven," Robinson sings: This is not a splashy CD whose content will have a "bowl-you-over" impact. However, it's quiet fullness has an impalpable attraction that compels attention and provides a solid reward to those who seek it out.

Robinson is superb on guitar, mandolin and banjo, and quite ably assisted by Lui Collins on vocals and guitar, Rani Arbo on fiddle and vocals, Rose Sinclair on accordian, Adam Rothberg on bass, and Keith Leverault on drums.

Track List:

All songs written by Dana Robinson, except "Shady Grove-traditional" and the music for "Redpoll" adapted from the banjo tune "Redpoll" by Karen Simon.

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