A Review of the CD
"Travelers' Code"
by Darryl Purpose

"Travelers' Code"
by Darryl Purpose

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 12/99
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Darryl Purpose, aka Sentimental Traveler, is back with a new release reprising a couple of his best songs, "Mr. Schwinn" and "The Last Great Kiss of the 20th Century," and presenting a new set of compositions. Why the nickname you ask? Because the nomadic Purpose is at his best when presenting heartfelt tales and spinning traveling tunes--sometimes separately, sometimes together, in one song.

Early on, Purpose works the more sentimental side as in the aforementioned "Mr. Schwinn" and "The Last Great Kiss of the 20th Century." Plus "Child of Hearts" and "Ring On My Hand" will also have you scurrying for tissue.

"Mr. Schwinn" is about a bachelor bicycle repairer who keeps a special set of his-and-her "honeymoon" bicycles around the back of his shop. Alas, he passes away, having never married, thus unfortunately never realizing the opportunity to use the special pair of bicycles.

Certainly fitting for the coming of a new millennium, "The Last Great Kiss of the 20th Century," has been re-fitted with a new ending. The narrator closes out the year 2000 in the same manner as 1999, but with an added delightful and surprising twist.

Building the tempo of its verses into a rocking chorus, "Child of Hearts" begins with a four-year-old daughter showing up unannounced on her father's doorstep. The daughter speaks the chorus:

The narrator, amidst the awkwardness, finally says in reconciliation: The little girl repeats the chorus but replaces the last line with "but please mr. stranger give up on me."

Purpose trades solos and duets with Lucy Kaplansky on "Ring On My Hand," a tune many couples may soon be incorporating as part of their marriage ceremonies. It goes:

"For The Story" is a quintessential Darryl Purpose traveling tune. Unable to settle down and stay attached to someone but unsure of what he is looking for, he sings: He closes out the song with: The tender and sweet "Travelers' Code (Follow The Light)" closes out the release. Appropriate as a homily for funeral or remembrance ceremonies, or just in speaking one's creed, it goes: This former (present?) professional gambler has made an impressive foray into the singer-songwriter world in a very short period of time. His musical performances, whether subtle or forceful, command attention. Give him yours.

Purpose, on acoustic guitar and vocals, is backed by Daryl S. on violin and viola; Bob Malone on hammond organ, David Miner on bass, harmonium, glockenspeil, harpsichord, accordion, mandolin, piano and harmony vocals; Walter Rodriguez on drums and percussion; Ron Aniello on electric guitar, acoustic guitar and 8-string ukulele; Kate Miner on harmony vocals; Hannah Miner on harmony vocals; Olivia Miner on harmony vocals; Ellis Paul on harmony vocals; and Lucy Kaplansky on vocals.

Track List:

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