A Review of the Dave Potts CD

by Dave Potts

Copyright 2006

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 8/06
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No, do not be confused. Dave Potts is not for sale. No, he cannot be obtained for the miracle price ofjust under $13.00. And no, he will not throw in a set of Ginzu knives if you place an order in the next two hours. However, Dave Potts' latest release, "$12.99," is for sale. How much you ask? The remarkably coincidental price of $12.99. Glad we thoroughly straightened that one out. Let's hope his next release isn't titled "Who's on first?"

Emerging from such convolution, there are those who create anthems, taking big swipes at national and international concerns--Dylan, Baez and especially Springsteen of late, among them.

Such is not the musical palette of Dave Potts. He specializes in seemingly small observations but ones that quite often have universal applicability. His takes on family events and interactions, plus looks at daily life in his small Alabama hometown constitute his primary subject matter. Often, something he experiences triggers a connection to a moment or an event in his catalogue of memories.

The title cut, "12.99" is a prime example. His thinking of an article of clothing he owns leads to so much more. In this case, a sweatshirt produces a recollection about the evolution of a relationship.

"In My Backyard" details the duality between the love of being a musician on the road and that of home and family life. Using the war in Iraq as a background, "The Garden We're Growing," is similar, portraying the dichotomy of how we get bogged down with the insignificant things in life here at home while others put their lives on the line elsewhere so that we may have the freedom to become mesmerized with the inconsequential.

"If I Broke The Record" seems like a page from Chuck Brodsky's baseball songbook. Potts describes the beauty of minor league baseball: the positive interaction with fans, the earnest chasing of the dream to make the bigs and contrasts that with the aloofness and the steroid abuse exhibited and committed by a number of major leaguers. The chorus ends sharply with: "But if I broke the record, I would do it clean."

"Ferris Wheel" is metaphor for life's ups-and-downs while "The Slightest Shove" is a spiritual about failing and falling into grace.

Musing over a past love in "Old Chevelle," Potts wistfully sings this chorus:
"...when I feel that chill in the morning air
I can see the snow on the window sill, I can smell her hair
there's nothing close, that I've found yet
to waking up to the sound of her breath..."
The perky "Amanda Bramlett" details the giddiness of the first view and then touch of someone who becomes an eventual love--and all because of a car malfunction. "Nothing Less" is a celebratory paean to Potts' love. "Poker Face" is similar but directed towards Pott's father.

Dave Potts skillfully blends fiddle, mandolin, dobro and piano into his works in ways that enhance his music. Every cut offer an engaging rhythm. Again, this is not music that will change the world or address any social movement. It's directed towards individuals, ones who will recognize an affinity for the variety of Potts' subject matter.

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All songs written by Dave Potts.

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