A Review of the CD
"Time Forgets"
by David Elias

"Time Forgets"
by David Elias

Copyright 1997 David Elias
P.O. Box 4793
Burlingame, CA 94011

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 10/98
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At times whispery, at other times jolting with his voice, music, and imagery, David Elias has compiled 14 songs here, loaded with complex and intricate impressions. Not one to lyrically move straight from point A to point B, he often takes the long road around, or sometimes even creates a pathway heretofore unseen. He writes as a poet whose reader must work at understanding the tapestry being woven.

After opening with the pretty guitar instrumental "Intro to Straw Dream," he launches into "Time Forgets," the title track, a philosophical musing on the interplay of time, healing and forgetting. Elias states in his liner notes, "There are some popular notions about what happens over time--I'm not sure I agree with them. Anyway, time is not always a sequence of events. Sometimes, it's a state of being or a state of nothing." He sings:

"Afraid of Change" synthesizes excellent guitar (electric, acoustic and classical) and percussion work in creating a spooky, ominous effect that drives the lyrics forward. To quote the song opening: An uptempo road song/life analogy, "Freedom on the Freeway," combines effective harmonica, percussion and acoustic guitar work by Elias. He sings: In "Christmas Blue," featuring nice electric guitar licks at the end by ex-Utopia member Roger Powell, Elias cryptically writes: "Vision Of Her," with Elias on acoustic guitar and bass, and Marcia Blackstock on triangle, is a two stanza poem set to charming background music: Humbly dedicated to the memory of Townes Van Zandt, Elias finishes with "Waiting For W." He sings: He has a serviceable voice, one others have appropriately compared to John Prine. This is not a CD offering pleasant melodies--it takes repeated listenings to grow attached to and to appreciate fully. Many cuts could seemingly stand alone as poetry but Elias has entwined his music with a multitude of instrumental backing including acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass, dobro, harmonica, percussion, piano, and synth. All are very professionally performed.

There are three live cuts on this CD: "Field of Wood," "Christmas Blue," "Take Me Down The Road," one rock and roll song, "Along The Highway," and one cut performed by Elias' late friend, Biff Schlossman, "Changing Circles."

Track List:

All songs written by David Elias except for "Changing Circles", written by Biff Schlossman.

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