A Review of the CD
by David LaMotte

by David LaMotte

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 9/01
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Isn't it a foremost desire of most artists that their work strongly affect others in some way or fashion? Vive la indifference is not a desired response. David LaMotte's music is a well-written introspective tableau that successfully provokes the listener to ponder the vicissitudes of his or her own life. We will all recognize ourselves or others throughout the selections on this release.

As he sings in "Deadline" of the family fallout from living life in the fast lane:

"...The little one gets presents for a little consolation
give her her own telephone but not much conversation
she asks them for a moment like a beggar for a dime
there's no time like the present, there's no present like time..."
He goes point-counterpoint in "Saturday," singing of the need to slow down and stop every so often:
"There's work to do, that's plain to see, the laundry pile is as high as me
But the Beatles said just to let it be and that sounds like good advice

I've been needing one of these, no responsibilities
I've been needing one of these, Saturday..."

The itinerant nature inherent in a musician's or any inveterate traveler's lifestyle is lamented in "Northbound," as LaMotte sings:
"...It's like I'm standing in line at a wedding
receiving the guests with a smile, for a moment a face fills my vision
I shake hands like a tired politician and I'd love just to talk for a while

But the faces keep changing each moment, guessing at names I don't know
It's so hard to keep on believing, seems I spend so much time leaving
And so little time coming home..."

Counteracting the bittersweetness of "Northbound" with "Dans La Louisiane," he sings of concluding a concert and then enjoying some late-night solitude simply exploring the area:
"...So I'm writing down this simple song with nothing much to say
except I'm thankful for the music and the privilege to play..."
About the choices we make and the paths we both travel and forsake, LaMotte sings:
"...They were sitting in the hot tub of a cheap resort hotel
they were toasting to the good life, but they didn't look too well
he said this is why you work for forty years and pay your dues
then she told me about his bypass, how he's careful with his food.."
The chorus goes:
"...Pay your money, take your choice, choose your vision, lose your voice
tell the story with a sigh of a thousand roads not taken..."
The message in "Hold On" is seemingly the loveliest and most comforting message one could ever offer another:
"...When your eyes don't want to open, when all you feel is fear
when you wish someone would notice, and that you could disappear
in the company of silence, when you need someone to hold
let your tears fall on my shoulder, let your story rest untold, and

Hold on, hold on
take the dream in your pocket and lock it up safe
hold on for one more day..."

Also worthy of mention are "Lens Cap" and "Stranger," two of LaMotte's more poetic offerings. Either one could easily stand alone, without musical backing.

He possesses an easy-to-listen-to voice that works well with all the cuts, from slow to uptempo. But especially on the quieter songs, he draws the listener in with an almost hushed singing style.

Lamotte, on vocals and acoustic guitar, is assisted by Sean Halley on electric guitar; Dave Jette on drums; Michael Manring on bass; Keith Lowe on bass; Hans Teuber on flute, tenor sax and alto sax; David Lange on piano and Hammond E; Kristin deWitt, Christine Kane and Beth Wood on background vocals; Tom Dziekonski on violin and viola; Chris Rosser on dotar and electric guitar.

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All songs written by David LaMotte

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