A Review of the CD
"David Rovics Live at Club Passim"
by David Rovics

"David Rovics Live at Club Passim"
by David Rovics

Copyright 2000
David Rovics
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Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 12/00
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Why are there no right wing folk singers? Is there some sort of genetic predisposition that dictates folk singers fall on the left side of the political spectrum? Maybe it's the vow of poverty. Well, if it is, then at least the left's forsaking of riches is counterbalanced by its gleeful shattering of the companion vows of chastity and obedience. Are these the reasons the right dates the left and then returns to its own fold to marry? But enough deTocqueville.

David Rovics is back with a live release, combining a number of new songs with some of his previous material and taking on the usual suspects with his rapid fire tongue, wit and guitar. This unapologetic and indefatigable leftist has yet to see a wrong he isn't willing to tackle--and more power to him.

He covers the gamut here--the forced relocation of native Americans, acquainting the high and mighty to various flavors of pie, environmental tragedies, civilian bombing by the military and the suffering created by fiscal sanctions, abuses generated and perpetuated by our economic system, the training of death squads on American soil, political prisoners, true flag desecration and the jailing of deadheads.

Besides his usual salvos, he also supplies a pair of extremely intimate songs. Backed by soft guitar and tender mandolin on "Song for my Broken Heart," Rovics depicts the pain and heartache of a ended relationship from the viewpoint of the partner not ready for the termination and still unable to come to terms with it. The subtly presented "Song For Eric," written in memory of a friend ruthlessly and unaccountably murdered during a street robbery, packs an emotional punch.

For those still able to work up some righteous indignation, this release will easily feed the fire. For those whose activist embers are nearly extinguished, this will stoke the flames back to at least a soft fury. Go directly to "Song for the SOA" or "Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living" and feel the will to continue the struggle blossom yet again. You'll be needed in the coming four years.

Rovics, on vocals and guitar, is backed by Sean Staples on mandolin; Eric Royer on banjo; Rich Caloggero on second guitar; Bonnie Rovics on flute; Rob Laurens on bass guitar; Gregor Harvey on harmony vocals and Maria Nazzaro on harmony vocals.

Track List:

All songs by David Rovics, except as noted.

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