A Review of the Diana Jones CD
"My Remembrance of You"

"My Remembrance of You"
by Diana Jones

Copyright 2006
Newsong Recordings

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 4/06
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Although newer artists understandably prefer not to be obscured by the shadows of established performers, Diana Jones' offerings, in content and voice, gloriously conjure up visions of Kate Campbell and Iris Dement.

With a mix-n-match content of country, folk and touches of bluegrass, Jones' music laments many experiences of life--eight of the 11 cuts dwell in something-gone-wrong territory.

Three songs in particular here deserve special mention: "All My Money on You," "Cold Grey Ground" and Willow Tree."

The mandolin-highlighted "All My Money on You" is Dave Carter-esque in style and content, with a down-on-the-luck gambler unable to resist the lure of a deck of cards. It's easy to imagine Tracy Grammer adding it to her repertoire.

The rhythm of "Cold Gray Ground" is infectious. About a person's last wishes, Jones vividly places the listener in the hills of Appalachia.

"Willow Tree" is a engaging fundamentalist-like spiritual that also invokes the hills and hollers.

Breaking the mold is "A Hold on Me," a sensual delight highlighted by this portion of the fourth verse:
"...pleasure keeps me up all night
this world is filled with delight
bump grind scream and moan
your perfume when I get you home..."
"Lay Me Down" also revels on the hedonistic.

The bouncy "Fever Moon" celebrates attraction, although, in this case, it isn't clear if such will be unrequited or not.

Jones closes with the touching "My Remembrance of You," singing of living in contentment despite separation.

Expect big things from Diana Jones. With her initial release, she's already on the cusp of being a first-tier artist.

Track List:

All songs by Diana Jones.

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