A Review of the CD
"Vote In November: Election 2004 Anti-Theft Device"
by Various Artists

"Vote In November: Election 2004 Anti-Theft Device"
by Various Artists

Copyright 2004
Waterbug Records
P.O. Box 12736
Portland, OR 97212

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 9/04
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Hey, the folkies are doing their part. While not able to fill stadium after stadium like Springsteen, Mellencamp, Pearl Jam, the Dixie Chicks and others on the Vote For Change tour, folk artists are doing what they can by musically expressing their respective political beliefs before the November 2 election with the release of this highly charged and deliberately titled CD.

And for those newly emerged from hibernation, this is not the sound track from the recent Republic National Convention.

It did give me pause though when one of the contributors, Sons of the Never Wrong, caught my eye. I immediately thought the neo-cons currently in power had somehow organized their male children into a Pat Boone cover band. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Well, what to say about the offerings here: the most fun is Chris Chandler's and Anne Feeney's "Carnival #4" from their CD "Live From The Wholly Stolen Empire." The combination of the ingenuity of Chandler's spoken words and Feeney's biting vocals satirically prick the pomposity of the usual suspects in D.C. as well as the contradictions being lived, or endured, by so many throughout the country. This is a marvelous cut.

Jack Hardy, who lost a brother in the terrorism at the World Trade Towers, chimes in with the acidic "In Bed With The Enemy." He slams George W. Bush's harlot relationships with the Saudis, big oil, Enron, WorldCom and the like, with lines like "any port-folio in a storm." Hardy also lampoons the disputed Florida vote count in 2000, the Bush family "makeover" from blue blood to common man with the "move" from Maine to Texas and also even tosses out a line about the reason for the drinking habits of the Bush daughters.

Kate McConnell's "Mercy" contains a searing line commenting on the standard M.O. of the current administration: "...my neighborhood gets smaller as Bush comes to shove..."

"Dangerous Times" by Chuck Brodsky details a number of pre-and-post 9/11 peculiarities of American political life that never get fully addressed in any prominent or readily accessible media.

Les Barker scores point after point with his poetic contribution "The Civilised World" and Andrew Calhoun provides a solemn rendition of the Stephen Vincent Benet poem, "Short Ode," a tribute to the fallen in war.

Dan Bern, who has previously provided so many other searing, insightful songs gets a bit pedestrian with "Bush Must Be Defeated." Opening and closing with multiple repetitions of the song title, he ends each line in the middle with rhymes of "defeated" such as "...the Rose Garden unseeded..." and "the imposter excreted."

A very nice touch is Joyce Andersen's uplifting "Filled With Love" a personal, non-political declaration that closes out the release.

This isn't quite Zell Miller-amped-on-steroids at the Republican National Convention, but it's certainly red meat for liberals.

Waterbug Records is offering this CD at a relatively inexpensive price, especially with bulk sales. Employing a slightly different admonition than Karl Rove's November 2 directions, order early and order often as this release will either be a celebratory device or one of solace come 40 or so more days.

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