A Review of the Freebo CD
"Before The Separation"

"Before The Separation"
by Freebo

Copyright 2005
Poppabo Music

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 4/06
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Milton produced "Paradise Lost."

Freebo has now provided a companion piece with his release, "Before The Separation."

Sadly, Milton wasn't fluent on acoustic guitar, fretless bass and lead vocals--so possibly the two aren't quite sympatico for comparison's sake.

Freebo, a long-time performer across the genres of the U.S. music scene, offers social commentary here about division and separateness, in which his anger is mixed with a dose of the plaintive. Imploring restoration of common respect, he pleads for an end to demarcation and disunion. He appeals for unification among diverse peoples, advocating for the greater acceptance of individualism.

The bottom-line for him is a cessation and reversal of the madness that has infiltrated and degraded humanity: war, torture, famine in time of plenty, preventable diseases, incalculable wealth in the midst of poverty and so on.

The opening cut, "It Goes By Fast," offers a code to live by, one of full engagement with life. In the title cut, "Before The Separation," Freebo thumps for a restoration of the 'common good' and a greater spirit of connectedness and community for all. "Stand Up" is a bit of a rocker and calls for a massive re-direction of this country and the world, and pairs well with "You Don't Have To Live This Way." "A Soldier At War" is very close to being a companion piece to Donovan's "Universal Soldier."

The last offering, "The Freedom Wall," a nice piece of satire, is a surreal, Big-Brother take on what people are willing to surrender to be free:
"...Passing through The Freedom Gates
With your Freedom Card
You will get a smile
From your friendly Freedom Guard...

...Goodnight America
Land Of Liberty
The Freedom Guard will lock your door
With his Freedom Key..."
Can music alter the direction of the world? It's doubtful. But such odds didn't stop Mandela, Gandhi or King in their respective quests. So, if enough voices are singing, but more importantly, individually and collectively living the right tune...

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