A Review of the CD
"Waltz Of The Scarecrow King"
by Gary Myrick

"Waltz Of The Scarecrow King"
by Gary Myrick

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 7/01
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"I came into town at the break of dawn
vampires housewives blowing their horns
if you love Jesus
honk if you love Jesus..."
Add tumbleweeds on the dance floor, a recreational vehicle, the pearly gates and a mambo combo to these opening lines of the first cut "Honk If You Love Jesus" and you definitely get the sense this is not a CD for those requiring unimaginative linear progression in their songs and music. The seemingly stream of consciousness subject matter, abetted by bold, inventive imagery, make this release a quirky hoot. And there's plenty of it to go around.

Continuing on this journey down unmarked roads leading to destinations unknown, "Gary's Lament" and "Redeemer" are additional amens of exhilaration. The last two verses of "Redeemer" read:

"...rattlesnakes dream of a future ghost town,
nobody knows where I am bound,
stars by the millions watch the angels sing
on a little white cloud near the Saturn ring.

the Highway Patrol sells me souvenirs,
I see Indian maidens in my rear view mirror,
they wave me on with their wisdom and grace
another thousand miles till I see her face..."

Myrick's respectful elegy to that mute guardian of crop fields in "Scarecrow King" has a tearful eloquence and rhythm. He sings:
"...hungry birds pick
at his words,
silence is his gun,
under the blazing sun...

...rain starts to pound
his weathered face down,
he stands on a piece of wood,
trying to do some good..."

Philosophizing about that most incontrollable of elements in "Time," he offers:
"time waits for someone
except the clock maker,
he's the man who fixed time.
time is on his face,
time will eat this place,
it's bound to catch up with you, time..."
"The Ghost Of Elvis" provides an element of humor to the mix, although Myrick seems to be winking at the listener in many more of his cuts.

Myrick's vocals work well with his material and the instrumentation encasing his lyrics is generally acoustic, intriguing and meticulously performed. As a bonus, Myrick has included videos of "Honk If You Love Jesus" and "Hometown Waltz" on the CD.

Take out a membership in the 'I'm not sure what I just heard but I'm going back for more' crowd and have fun sifting through this offering.

Myrick, on vocals, acoustic guitar and piano is backed by Joe Zimmerman on upright bass and Joshua Segal on violin, violin, bass and clarinet.

Track List:

All songs written by Gary Myrick.

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