A Review of the Jayme Kelly Curtis CD
"Sugar & Sand"

"Sugar & Sand"
by Jayme Kelly Curtis

Copyright 2004
PurrGirl Records
P.O. Box 1478
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
http://www.purrgirl.com and

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 1/05
"Kevin and Maxine’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews"
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What stands out most memorably from Jayme Kelly Curtis' music is her voice--strong, clear and passionately expressive.

What stands out most about this particular release is Curtis' clever and clear identification of three-part division of her offerings: the first is headed "The Journey Begins With A Psychedelic Attitude," the middle is "Part Two Showcases Jayme's Love Of The Blues" and she concludes with "Part Three Segues Into Folkloric Jazz Ballads."

Check that. What stands out most here is a certain member of her backing band. (With tongue planted firmly in cheek) how she was able to persuade George W. Bush to take time out from his re-election campaign and help out on the title cut "Sugar and Sand" is simply remarkable. Yes, Mr. President supplies a few well-chosen and by now familiar words and phrases in a cut that ponders how to determine daily reality from the media glut and spin in this country--just how does one locate and discern the true nuggets from the fool's gold?

Our Lady of Boulder Creek also outshines Dr. Phil with her straightforward advice to men on what makes for a truly happy home. In the folksy, bluesey "Do The Dishes, Too" she offers:
"...Before you start to whistling that honeymoon tune
Let's see what you can do with a mop and broom
Do me right all through the night
But do the dishes, too..."
I think we now have in place a 2005 definition for a Renaissance Man.

Going bluesey again with "The Earthquake That Was You," Curtis laments:
"It's been 10 long years since the earthquake that was you
10 long years since you told me we were through
10 long years since you found somebody new
10 long years that I've still been loving you...">
She cleverly continues:
"...We spend our whole lives searching
for the half that makes us whole
We spend our whole lives searching
for the rock that makes us roll..."
Curtis goes sensual with "Into the Night" singing:
"Into the night we go
Into the nice and slow
Into that moonlit, velvet time
That lover's know..."
"...Let the lips meet in the dark
Let the hands ignite the spark
Let us breathe the bliss of love"
Mixing the divine with what we bounce off of and what we embrace during life's journey is the theme of "Tall Poppies." Autumn Hancock's violin flickers like flames of love in "Past Lives." The siren call to be a musician are the motifs of "Blues With The Boys" and "When I Was Still a Girl." "The Pretty Eye (That Sees Only You)" evocatively describes the bountiful elements of a relationship but cautions about the need to also remain as individuals.

Different styles on the musical spectrum, intriguing lyrics and the same enchanting voice make this release a trifecta. Enjoy.

Jayme Kelly Curtis on vocals, harmony vocals, acoustic guitar and baritone ukulele is backed by Autumn Hancock on violin; Rick Walker on percussion, brushed frame drum, liquid glass ghatam and kanjara; Jack Marshall on fretless electric bass; Radim Zenkl on fujara, mandolin, pennywhistle, low whistle and didgeridoo; Walter Bankovitch on Kurzwell PC-88 electric piano; Dave Meniketti on electric guitar; Carol McComb on dobro; Mimi Hills on acoustic upright bass; Mark Fenichel on harmonica; George Demarest on trumpet and flugelhorn; Jeff Smith on National steel guitar and...George Bush as himself

Track List:

All songs by Jayme Kelly Curtis.

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