A Review of the CD
"Bad Tattoo"
by Jeff Talmadge

"Bad Tattoo"
by Jeff Talmadge

Copyright 2001
Bozart Records
812 San Antonio, Suite 505
Austin, TX 78701
ph: (512)-453-7714

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 6/01
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Jeff Talmadge's latest release is court-admissable evidence he is a direct decendent of the Brothers Grimm. With a dose of Leonard Cohen, sprinkled with a dash of Sylvia Plath, "Bad Tattoo" is littered with human wreckage. Its characters, try, or sometimes not, as they might, invariably cannot get on the right side of a relationship.

"Lie To Me" opens the parade of pathos. Featuring ominous vocals and harmonica backing, this cut explores the mirage world we sometimes prefer to live in--the times when it is easier to live a lie rather than face reality. Talmadge's chorus goes:

"...Lie to me and tell me
What I want to hear
Lie to me, whisper in my ear
You know the truth is overrated
You can read that in a book
When you walk by I only want you
To give me a second look
And lie to me..."
In the positive thinking vein, "Bad Tattoo," is slightly askew, but still the most Norman Vincent Peale-ish song of the release. Talmadge sings:
"...You try to forget
But still there's something to remind you
A photograph or a memory
Stirs something hidden deep inside you
Some love is like a bad tattoo..."
He follows with this bromide:
"...Just because it hurts
That doesn't mean the time was wasted
The bitter pill you took
Is not the only thing you tasted..."
Delving into the aftertaste of a failed relationship, "Closing The Circle," veers towards the philosophical, with a pain chaser. Talmadge sings:
"Tonight I'll try and close the circle
Tie the loose ends in a knot
And I swear I won't remember
All the things that she forgot..."
His chorus:
"...They say that life is just a circle
An axis in an orbit on a wheel
Call it karma, call it fiction
Divine intervention
No compass here can show the way to feel..."
One of the best songs, "Angels On The Lawn" is a cut of a totally different order. Unable to determine reality due to failing eyesight and dementia, the protagonist in the story "sees" and is visited by angels. Those wearing wings include her caretakers. Issue a tissue alert for this one when it begins.

Make sure your life is in relatively good working order before handling this release. At best, you'll see some of your past played out here. At worst, your present.

Talmadge, on guitar and vocals, is supported by Bradley Kopp, Annie Gallup and Lorrie Singer on backup vocals; Kopp on guitar; Gene Elders on violin; Bucka Allen on accordian; Mark Hallman on harmonica; Glenn Fukunaga on bass and Paul Pearcy on percussion.

Track List:

All songs by Jeff Talmadge.

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