A Review of the CD
"Starlight Theatre"
by Jim Lampos

"Starlight Theatre"
by Jim Lampos

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 6/00
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He's a rocker. No, make that a folkie. Could that be the blues? Why, that sounds like cajun. What is instantly apparent is this guy is truly a marketer's nightmare--just try and nail down his target audience. Demonstrating crossover proficiency in multiple musical genres, Jim Lampos' releases would require placement in multiple locations within a music store, in order for justice to be done.

But his one constant is literate lyrics that quite often could stand alone as poetry. Lampos displays exceptional descriptive ability and the knack for capturing energy and emotion, sometimes subtly, sometimes rambunctiously, throughout this release.

"Resurrection" is a prime example of his craftsmanship. Lampos, backed by soft guitar and drums, plus eerie-sounding keyboards, sings:

Continuing his literate prowess on "Haunted Summer Love," he offers:

Changing moods, high-energy and violin and drum-driven, "Ten Cases of Rum" is a lively marriage of square dance and cajun rhythms. "And the Band Played On" is a blow-by-blow recital, minus the post cards, of what are seemingly Fellini-esque encounters on a band's road trip.

Deftly depicting a section around Coney Island in "St. Mark's Place," Lampos sings:

The opening verse of the enchanting "On the Solstice" ably depicts its melding of beauty and mystery:

His final cut, the seemingly stream-of-consciousness-driven but tightly written "The River Brought Me Here" is a just-short-of-ten-minutes folk opera that traverses a southwestern River Styx. Offering one of the best song opening lines ever, Lampos begins with:

"I was baptized by Lightnin' Hopkins in the Brazos..."

Buckle up for this one for it will take you on a most wild but exhilarating and fulfilling ride.

Without any intent to diminish the musical settings surrounding the lyrics, this will be a wonderful discovery for those who are elevated by the written word. Lampos has the gift.

Lampos, on vocals, guitar, keyboards and percussion, is backed by Chris Tedesco on violin; Gregory Amani on bass; John Feldmann on drums and bongos and Ed Sperry on keyboards.

Track List:

All songs written by Jim Lampos.

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