A Review of the CD
"Water's Edge"
by Larry Murante

"Water's Edge"
by Larry Murante

Copyright 2000
Weeping Wood Music LM1512
P.O. Box 9974
Seattle, WA 98109
ph: (206)933-6040
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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 4/00
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In Larry Murante's second release, he fulfills the role of the yeoman singer/songwriter as he calls on and presents memories, life events and observations from his and other's lives. The larger question though, as with all artists, is does he make them compelling and interesting? The answer is yes.

Employing intermittent acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ, dobro and mandolin backing, and mixing harder, rock-tinged cuts with quieter songs, Murante also displays an appealing voice that contains an emotional pitch that works well with his material.

"Between the Road and the River" depicts the bonds, visible and invisible, that tie us to people and places we have seemingly left behind. Murante sings:

Turning a bit sly, Murante tells of the effect that a mentally ill man with a machete has on others in downtown Seattle with "Streets of Seattle:"

The stages of life, plus the willingness to accept and the resignation to endure the given, drives "I Got Used To It." Murante begins:

Profiling the teen years, the twenties, the feelings of frustration and incompleteness, and finally a decision to change, Murante goes on:

Elevated by sweet mandolin backing, "Those Days" tells the tale of a pair of young musicians full of fire and fury. One eventually shifts to other endeavors, the other continues on:

"This Ship" is loving ode to the beauty and wonder of being in the right relationship. Murante sings:

"I think more about devotion
The more I look at you
You say love is just like
One big ocean blue
We've been castaways and holdouts
For some far and distant shore
When this ship was all
That we were looking for
If you ask if I'll go with you now, I will, I will..."

A relative newcomer, Murante's off to a solid start and demonstrates the talent necessary to carve out a niche in the folk genre. He's a solid songwriter and has the ability to tie music and lyrics together into a pleasing package.

Murante on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica is backed by David Lange on piano and organ; Dan Mohler on bass; Walter White on bass and background vocals; Dave Heath on drums; Orville Johnson on dobro; John Reischman on mandolin; Mike Mattingly on electric guitar; Lee Silberkleit on electric guitar; Janis Carper on background vocals and acoustic slide guitar; Patrice O'Neill in background vocals; Connie Bigelow on background vocals; and Allison Roberts on background vocals.

Track List:

All songs written by Larry Murante.

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