A Review of the CD
"How Faint The Whisper"
by Luke Brindley

"How Faint The Whisper"
by Luke Brindley

Copyright 2001
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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 1/02
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Just who is Luke Brindley anyway? This newcomer's curious collection of songs create a sense of both mystery and satisfaction. Mystery stemming from his often dense lyrics, and satisfaction derived from his pleasing blend of music and words. His territory is the poetic as he serves up often oblique offerings backed by crisp guitar or piano.

Although none are dirge-like, the first few songs are a mixed brew of dark, atheistic fatalism. In "There Is Nothing," he sings:

"...who you thought you saw is not
who you thought you knew
there is nothing

the teacher will fall
lord knows the preacher too
a family falls hard
there is nothing..."

"Tangerine" offers these lines:
"...bodies that fails us
shadows assail us
the afterglow trails us..."
In "Still Life," he switches gears, using film metaphor to depict the progress of life:
"...this ain't no snapshot
no backdrop, no stage prop
but the movement of stars
through a shutter that never closes"
The guitar instrumental "The Eighth Day" is next, dividing the release. Three almost impenetrable cuts follow, "Dawn," "Honey Hair" and "Daybreak," with "Honey Hair" presented in a jaunty, upbeat rhythm.

The final song "Darkness Done" has Brindley tiptoeing into uneasy optimism. Backed solely by piano, he sings:

"...oh these strange times like some waking dream
no one you touch is who they seem
turn your face to the rising sun
horizon glowing, darkness done, darkness done..."
This is not sing-along folk material. It's more a turn-out-the-lights-and-singlemindedly-focus-on-the-words-and-music offering. Some might say it's close to a musical poetry reading but that's shortchanging this enjoyable mesh of quality music and intriguing words.

Track List:

All songs written by Luke Brindley, except as noted.

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