A Review of the Marley's Ghost CD

by Marley's Ghost

Copyright 2006
Sage Arts Records

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 5/06
"Kevin and Maxine’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews"
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Take wonderful harmonies, dip them in an Applachia pool, add equal parts country western and cowboy influence, burnish with elements of a religious tent revival--devil included--and you have the peripatetic sound of Marley's Ghost. This is a group that acknowledges no musical boundaries, morphing from genre to genre and offering music as full as that of a big city orchestra.

Imagine fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, banjo and mandolin, supplemented by tuba, jews harp, pedal steel, piano, accordion, trumpet, saxophone, organ and drums. Listening to Marley's Ghost is a hoot, because what will appear next on the musical menu is delightfully indeterminable.

The highlight cuts:
The foremost exhibit of Marley Ghost's musical anarchy is the traditional spiritual "Old Time Religion." But check out the closing verses of this version:
"...Let us worship Zarathustra
Just the way we used to
I'm a Zarathustra booster
And that's good enough for me

Let us worship Aphrodite
She's naughty and she's flighty
And she doesn't wear a nightie
And that's good enough for me..."
Oh, and Robert Crumb did the instantly recognizable artwork for the release.

There was the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Now, we have the Marley's Ghost Experience.

Track List:

  • Sail Away, Ladies (3:04)
  • Get Off The Track (2:56)
  • The Wicked Messenger (3:41)
  • High Walls (3:14)
  • Last Words (3:21)
  • Palms Of Victory (3:33)
  • Old Time Religion (2:57)
  • The Girl With The Blue Dress On/Sally In The Garden (3:14)
  • Cowboy Lullaby (3:36)
  • The Ballad Of Johnny Hallyday (4:10)
  • Love, Not reason (3:04)
  • There's Religion In Rhythm (2:34)
  • Seamen's Hymn (1:05)
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